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Long Lets In Spain With Holiday Rentals

Spain is a country which can captivate someone to the point of making them fall in love with it. When holidaying here, Spain offers so much that you may even want to return to the country sometime in the future. The climate is lovely, hospitality well established, great sand and sun, wonderful cuisine, great festivals, deep culture and many traditions.

There are many accommodation facilities that are located in Spain from one corner to the next. They are located in remote islands, mountain retreats, apartment houses, the beach areas as well as within the fishing villages.

With the many options open for you, Spain is a country where you may be able to choose to stay for quite a long time. This means that you can stay in an area for quite a long period without having to move. Long lets are a wonderful idea for people who have a lot of time on their hands or those whose kind of work does not require them to be in a specific place.

When you settle for the rentals that go for long periods, you should be aware that you will be able to achieve a more authentic feeling in the area that you have settled for. During such a period you will be able to gain a feel of belonging in the area and not just being a mere visitor or tourist. There are many people who actually look for such places after they retire while others want a permanent move. Whichever the case, you should weigh all your options so as to be in a destination that you really love.

A long let in rentals in Spain is an option chosen by most writers as well as artists. They are given the space and time as well as peace of mind to do something totally great during the duration of their stay. The other group of people is the convalescents. The weather in Spain is warm and there is sunshine most of the year. This is the kind of atmosphere that many people who may be recovering from whichever disease may require.

The best thing about the long let rental option is the fact that the owners of such properties are dealt with directly. You can therefore tell them of all your holiday plans and make the right decisions and create a rental package for you. The other beauty of such properties is the fact that they are usually totally furnished, thus you will have everything that you need at your disposal.

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Interesting Municipality Of Blanes

Blanes is a municipality found within the community of Catalonia in the province of Girona in Spain. In the past especially when Rome was in control of the region, it was known as Blanda. It is mostly referred to as Costa Brava’s gateway. Blanes is a great coastal area in the region called Costa Brava. Costa Brava is a very popular area in all of Spain. It offers some of the most amazing beach holidays in the history of Spain. The most popular festival held in Blanes is the Santa Anna festival. There are displays of fireworks during this great festival. The other things that hold a lot of interest are the botanical gardens, the coves as well as the beach areas that have mountains dominating the horizon.

There are many remains found in Blanes that explain the various civilisations that existed in the area in the past. The most significant remains are those from the Roman era. The other civilisations that ruled over the region include the Moors, Goths as well as Christians. There are various architectural designs that can be seen all over the municipality coming from all the different civilisations. The city walls are a very good example of the outstanding architectural works.

The 17th century saw the burning of Blanes. It was reduced to the ground. One of the palaces that stood here was completely destroyed. However, the town was eventually constructed after the Spanish war. There was also an expansion in agricultural activities in Blanes.

There are botanical gardens in Blanes. One of the most outstanding gardens is de mar I Murtra. The garden takes up 15 hectares. Here you can see 70000 plant species that are totally different from one another.

The greatest fiestas are Santa Anna as well as Sant Joaquin. These are celebrations that are held in the month of July. If you happen to be in Blanes during this time, take some time to witness the festivities. The festivals attract over half a million visitors every year. The fireworks that are displayed here are 500,000 KGS+. Many people enjoy the displays from beach areas.

Nightlife in Blanes is quite popular. The European countries enjoy it a lot especially the people from Netherlands. There are many Dutch cafes that bear Dutch names. It is a place which can get a little exciting especially when shared among friends.

The main sport played here is the roller hockey. You can enjoy tournaments while in Blanes if at all you are in the area when one is being held.

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Luxury Vacation in Costa Brava Spain

One of the best vacation areas in Spain is Costa Brava. This is a coast that has lots to offer to visitors choosing it as the ideal place to spend a vacation. With the pleasant climate and the stunning beaches, it is practically given that any person spending a vacation here will be blown by the amazing experience. It is not a wonder that this is among the popular areas in Spain for holidaymakers especially those who love sun and sand.

Luxury vacations are made possible by the amazing natural surroundings and features as well as the world class facilities that couple the amazing offers. Everything from the accommodation in Costa Brava spells luxury to the delight of the many visitors who come here throughout the year. They are exposed to luxurious resorts and hotels which contain every amenity and private facilities anyone could ask for when looking for the ultimate luxury vacation.

The luxury vacations in Costa Brava are designed and packaged for honeymooners and other kinds of holidaymakers looking for a comfortable and relaxing environment where they get services in the top most level. Apart from the intriguing accommodation, the vacations include facilities such as gyms and spas where all kinds of treatments are offered. The transportation modes offered are also quite luxurious and designed to make the holiday as convenient as it is possible.

Even though the luxury vacations available in Costa Brava are definitely a bit expensive compared to the rest of the vacation options that can be enjoyed from here, they are unmatched when it comes to the package. They are vacations that will take you to the best spots in the coast and have you treated as the king or queen that you are while at it. You also get the chance to enjoy your favorite sports or even have the training that you want in learning a new one that you are interested in.

The options are numerous when it comes to the luxury vacations. They are normally packaged differently to meet with individual needs and it is also possible to have one put together from scratch to meet with your expectations for the vacation. The best thing is that they can be enjoyed by individuals, couples and even families. The features of the packages are what help in choosing the best vacation package depending on the needs and expectations.

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Vacation in Luxury Villas in Ibiza

One of the most beautiful islands of Spain’s Balearic Islands archipelago, Ibiza is a leading island holiday destination in the Mediterranean. Home to stunning luxury villas, Ibiza attracts tourists who want to enjoy a pleasurable vacation in a picturesque location.

The 210 km long coastline of Ibiza is dotted with holiday homes of varying sizes and styles. The beachfront villas and cottages are the most sought after accommodations in the island. Attractive villas are also available inland, a short distance from the nearby beach area.

Where to Find Luxury Villas in Ibiza

Ibiza Town

On the southeast coast of the island, the town of Ibiza offers a wide range of holiday accommodations. The most populous area of the island is also the most lively and developed town. This part of the island is also renowned for its scintillating nightlife. A number of upscale holiday homes are located in Ibiza town. Perched on top of the little mountain comprising the modern part of Ibiza town, the beautiful holiday homes offer a stunning view of the sea. You can even enjoy a pleasurable vacation in a traditional Ibiza house at the heart of the old town.

San Jose

San Jose is a lovely village perched on a hill of the same name. The village boasts of a typical Spanish flavour. A holiday in a luxurious villa of Ibiza will take you close to real Spain.

San Antonio

The lovely town of San Antonio is also the clubbing capital of the archipelago of the Balearic Islands. Near the coast, especially in the western part of the town, known as the Sunset Strip, there are a number of luxurious villas and apartments. When you are not partying in one of the stunning nightspots of the town, you can relax in the villa enjoying the view of the garden or the pool.

San Juan

The village of San Juan is the ideal destination for a peaceful vacation in Ibiza. The luxurious villas boast of a rustic charm that blends with the natural opulence of the island. Lavish villas with private pools, luxuriant garden, built-in BBQ, internet facilities and upscale furnishing are easily available in this quaint village.

Santa Eularia

On the northeastern coast of Ibiza, Santa Eularia is a beautiful town dotted with luxurious self-catering dwellings. Its fabulous beaches are popular among families. Some of the finest villas of Santa Eularia are located on the hill that dominates the western part of the bay.

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Stunning Holiday Homes in Costa Brava

On the northeastern Catalonian coastline, the undulating coastal area of Costa Brava is home to a number of fascinating resorts. Vakantie huis in Costa Brava are affordable, making the coast of the province of Girona a popular destination for affordable luxurious vacations.

Attractive holiday homes can be found in every nook and corner of Costa Brava. Equipped with world-class facilities, the vacation villas and holiday apartments are comfortable accommodations for visitors to Costa Brava.

How to Find Holiday Homes in Costa Brava

With the availability of diverse vakantie huis, Costa Brava is suitable for all types of self-catering vacations. Although your tour operator, friends and relatives may help you in finding a holiday home in Costa Brava, to find the finest property in the area, it is always advisable to visit a reliable holiday property rental website. With hundreds of villas and apartments listed on the website, you can easily find a villa that is best suited to your needs. You will be surprised to discover a wide range of villas offering diverse facilities at varying prices on a holiday property rental website. While comparing features and rents, you will discover a villa best suited to your budget and specific holiday requirements. Given the huge demand for holiday rentals in Costa Brava, remember to reserve your accommodation prior to your vacation in Costa Brava. You can book an appropriate holiday home directly from a reliable villa rental website. However, before booking your accommodation, make sure that the website is safe and secure for making financial transactions.

Villa Holiday Destinations in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is dotted with scenic villages and towns. You may head out for a luxurious villa vacation in Lloret de Mar, the largest and liveliest resort town of Costa Brava. A holiday villa is the perfect accommodation for a comfortable vacation in Blanes, the southernmost resort of Costa Brava. From the balcony or terrace of a seaside holiday home in Tossa de Mar you will enjoy a panoramic view of the sea. If you love windsurfing, you can choose a holiday home as your base in Sant Pere Pescador. For a peaceful vacation, the small coastal town of L’Estartit is an ideal location for a villa holiday. The picturesque coastal villages of Llanca and Colera are popular destinations for a tranquil villa vacation. With plenty of holiday options, Costa Brava is a great place for a self-catering vacation.

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How to Find Holiday Rentals in Spain

A holiday in Spain is a pleasurable experience that remains in the memory for years. With affordable vakantiehuis huren, Spanje is a popular destination for luxurious holidays.

With lovely beaches, enchanting countryside and fabulous historic and cultural attractions, Spain is one of the most visited countries of Europe. Every part of Spain has a character of its own. Even the small towns and villages of the country offer a variety of attractions.

Holiday Rentals in Spain


To avoid the restrictive features of package tour and to plan your holiday itinerary your way, opt for a self-catering vacation in Spain. The diverse vakantiehuis huren, Spanje has for travelers, will help you to find a holiday home of your choice easily. Luxurious villas are readily available in every town and village of Spain. For a self-catering holiday in one of the large Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Seville, you may rent a holiday apartment. The furnished city apartments with fully equipped kitchen are the perfect accommodation for couples and families on a city holiday. Holiday apartments are easily available in the popular resort areas of the country. The beachfront apartments, boasting of a panoramic view of the sea from the balcony, are among the finest low cost self-catering accommodations in Spain. There is a wide range of holiday apartments to choose from, such as studio apartments, apartments with one to three bedrooms and lavish penthouses. The rent of an apartment is determined by its size, the quality of its facilities and location.


However, for a luxurious vacation, numerous holidaymakers prefer the comforts of villas. These stunning holiday homes are equipped with the best quality facilities. With terrace, lawn and pool, the detached properties serve as the luxurious accommodations for well-heeled tourists. The villas come in different sizes and styles. The large villas are perfect for families and friends traveling together. By sharing the rent with your friends, you can reduce the cost of holidaymaking in Spain. For a beach vacation, rent a beach villa or a holiday home, which is a few minutes from the beach. A farmhouse is a great rural dwelling for tourists who want to avoid the noisy crowd of the cosmopolitan cities and towns of Spain. The traditional Spanish houses have been refurbished to suit modern living.

How to Rent Villa in Spain

Holiday apartments and villas can be booked online. You can seek the help of villa rental websites to find a suitable holiday property in any part of Spain.

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Holiday in Villa in Girona

In the community of Catalonia, the city of Girona and the province by the same name are popular travel destinations in Spain. The perfect destination for a luxurious holiday in a villa, Girona is one of the most visited areas of Spain.

The undulating coastline of the province of Girona, popularly known as Costa Brava, is a leading destination for summer holiday. Home to a variety of beaches, the seaside towns and villages dotting the coastline of Girona draw travelers from allover Europe.

Villas in Girona

For an exciting holiday in a beautiful villa, you can head out to any part of Girona. Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Blanes, Roses, Pals and Cadaques are some of the popular tourist towns in the Costa Brava region of Girona, worth visiting for a villa holiday. The stylish villas, Girona boasts of, feature elegantly decorated interior. The air-conditioned rooms offer respite from the summer heat. To enjoy the fresh breeze blowing from the sea, you can relax on the terrace or balcony. You can also relax amidst the greenery of the luxuriant garden of the villa. A private swimming pool is a common feature of the luxurious vacation villas of Girona. From the standard swimming pool to attractive infinity pool, a variety of swimming pool designs can be seen in the lavish holiday homes. Regardless of the size, design and rent of the holiday properties, good quality facilities are available in every vacation villa in Girona. Their common features include furnished bedrooms, living area, fully equipped kitchen, laundry facility, internet connection, TV, DVD and parking area. Some of the villas offer additional facilities such as Jacuzzi, upscale toiletries, separate swimming area for kids, solarium, WiFi, table tennis and billiards boards and barbecue area.

Attractions of Girona

There is so much to do and see in Girona that you will be tempted to revisit this part of Spain. The breathtakingly beautiful rugged coastal landscape of the province has inspired the works of Salvador Dali and other famous Spanish artists. From the golden sandy beaches to the pebbly beaches, a variety of beach areas dots the coastline. A number of these beaches have been awarded with a blue flag. The family beaches are equipped with facilities for maritime and beach activities. The coastal resort areas of Girona are ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, wind surfing and water skiing. You can explore the colorful underwater Mediterranean life by sailing in a glass bottom cruise. Historic and cultural sites are scattered throughout Girona.

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Selecting Great Villas In Spain For Holiday

Spain’s popularity never dwindles. It is one of those destinations which only get better with the days. It is a place where there is something for everyone regardless of their background or even age. Spain is an all time destination for different experiences that are able to cover different age groups and is therefore a destination that is totally ideal for family kind of holidays. One of the very best ways of enjoying a holiday in Spain is getting the best accommodation and the best accommodation is the villa option.

A villa accommodation makes the holiday experience a lot more interesting and fun. When you spend a holiday in a villa, you will be able to enjoy privacy and total freedom throughout the holiday.
In Spain, there are many agencies that deal with the provision of the most amazing villas around. Such agencies deal with a number of great destinations and usually have a wide range of villas in their end and therefore one has a lot to choose from. This makes the search experience a very fascinating and interesting process. Most of the agencies deal with villa owners and in most cases, the agencies indicate when a villa has been taken and also indicates the ones that are vacant and for what duration. This makes it very easy for the tourist to pick the villa that is best for them and also to find the kind of facilities they may be very specific about.

The villa accommodation within Spain has become amongst the most popular things to do while in Spain holiday. They offer a lot of good returns to anyone who settles for them. When you spend a holiday in a Spain villa, you will be able to experience some of the best moments in the world. it is important to note that in every country, there are people who are out to reap where they did not sow It is therefore advisable that you be totally careful when selecting a villa so as to be sure that the property is actually genuine. This will also cushion you from losses that may be incurred for paying for a villa that does not exist.

If possible, deal directly with the owners and ask for as much additional information about the villa when you are in doubt. In some cases, it is good to actually verify the location of the villa and you may try to verify whether the villa is listed in the properties within the region. It is better safe than sorry.

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Rental Vacation Homes in Spain

Spain has taken the varying needs of holidaymakers choosing it as the ideal holiday destination into consideration. It has especially done so by availing accommodation facilities that are bound to meet with the individual needs of the holidaymakers thus making sure that their experiences in the country turn out to be the most enjoyable and memorable. Among the facilities are vacation homes for rent.
Renting out a facility for accommodation is a more economical option for the holidaymakers and hence you will find that many are settling for the rental facilities that Spain has to offer even during the holidays. The vacation homes found here are rented out on various rates depending on the length of time the holidaymakers will be spending in the country. The rates can also depend on the size of the vacation home since they come in various sizes also to meet with the needs in terms of the number of people for the holidays.

The vacation homes found in Spain come with different amenities and facilities and depending on what they have to offer, the rates can be different. They have the ability to offer any kind of experience from economical to the most luxurious experience depending on what the holiday individuals are looking for in terms of the perfect holiday experience. The homes are also located in beautiful areas where they offer a serene environment that will make the experiences in Spain most memorable.

When choosing the rental vacation homes in Spain, the rates, facilities, amenities, available services and the location are some of the most important considerations that need to be made. Regardless of the place in Spain you have selected for the holiday, you will for sure find a vacation home that will meet with your needs. They are designed to contain a number of rooms all of which are well furnished and it is therefore possible for every person to get a room to himself or herself throughout the holiday depending on the home you have settled for.

The vacation homes come with their own advantages and they could be what have given them a great reputation and popularity. Among this is endless privacy and convenience that makes it possible for all to enjoy the holidays without any form of limitations. It is always great when you can control your movements while in Spain for the holiday of your dreams and the vacation homes offer much more than that.

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Renting A Villa For Your Holiday In Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. People travel to Spain for different reason. For most people, the most attractive feature about Spain is the fact that it enjoys the most unbelievable weather conditions ever making it a prime destination for summer holidays. There are so many beach areas with the Mediterranean beaches providing the very best experiences. Also, there are different island destinations that are found within the two major water bodies that are able to give some of the best summer holidays within Spain.

One of the things that are important to consider and settle before travelling to Spain is accommodation. It is essential that you find a facility that will meet all your needs and your particular needs. One of the accommodation facilities that have been known never to disappoint is the villa option. There are many villas located in all areas of Spain making it quite affordable and accessible for persons who prefer this kind of accommodation.

Hotel accommodation is losing its popularity as the fees are found to be a bit too high especially when one is planning to travel within a group or even when the stay is a long one. Also, the hotels may be able to operate in a set professional way but the schedules are a bit too rigid. You cannot oversleep as you may do so and risk missing a meal. Some people wake early so as to make sure that they have the best spot by the swimming pool.

The villa accommodation option eliminates all the negative sides that are related to the hotels and resort options. With a villa, you have the option to sleep as long as you like and also you will have an entire swimming pool all to yourself. There is no way you can miss a meal in a villa since the option is a self catering one. You can therefore make meals whenever the need arises.

The other thing is the economy in numbers. When with the family or in any kind of group, you will be able to share costs and actually get the most luxurious villas with all the facilities needed and share it with people you already know. This is a big plus to anyone who settles for the villa accommodation option and you are guaranteed of privacy and a very authentic Spanish experience. You can plan your days well and move at your own pace taking all there is to see in the areas surrounding.

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