Second Grade Newsletter

February 19th

Upcoming Events

Second Grade Performance

2nd Grade Music Concert - Friday, February 26th

The performance is entitled "Squirm." It is about creatures such as snakes, worms, spiders, etc.

Students line up in the gym - 7:15pm (Please, keep your students with you until that time.)

Concert begins - 7:20pm

Please, have your students dress in nice clothes for the performance.

Note: Due to safety concerns, please do not allow children to climb or play on the risers before and after the performances.

Book Fair is Coming

Book fair will be February 24th- March 1st.

Waves of Pages

We handed out Information on the WAVES OF PAGES reading program . This program is designed to inspire students in grades K-5 to read for enjoyment. Each student who reads for 10 hours (600) minutes during this 10 week program is awarded free admission to the waterpark and well as a special discount offer for their family members. Please look over the packet we sent home.

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Next Week's Curriculum Spotlight

Spelling: Unit 20 How to spell "schwa" or indeterminate vowel

Writing/grammar: Animal research and then make a non-fiction book

Reading: Non-Fiction Text Features assessment

Math: Measurement

Social Studies: Economics- Cost Benefit Analysis

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Spelling Unit 20











1. The second plane did loops above the ground.

2. I know I can hike several of those mountains again.

Odds & Ends

Reading logs- Please read for 20 minutes for at least 20 days out of the month for your Pizza Hut coupon.

Curriculum Night Link

Monthly Spelling Word LInk