Arts and entertainment

By: Nicole Limberg

Little Richard

In America in the 1960's the eve of a whole new type of music was in the works and at the center of it all Mr.energetic himself Little Richard. As music got more and more popular on the radio more budding musicians and new types of music started to come to light. Little Richard was known as one of the most memorable and energetic musicians of his time. He also made a whole new category called rhythm blues that stunned the nation with its hip beat and its ability to connect with people from all walks of life. This allowed Americans to really spread their wings and taught people that if you love music you have lots of options. For Americans it also opened the door to a new kind of world because in music everyone is equal and everyone is allowed to play no matter your race, size, or color.

Children's programs on T.V

In the United states in the 1960's the t.v was on a role, making it into 90% of homes and with art and entertainment the focus of the t.v you can bet that the number of channels was growing everyday. The young adult and kids channels had been nonexistent in the past but with the growing kids and young adult audience capitalizing on this was a must. The result a big audience of kids and young adults everywhere listening to the new channels and watching t.v. This was significant because it allowed Americans more options when staying inside and overall more freedom and comfort in their everyday life making it good to be an American and more comfortable in every American home.