Mobile Apps for K-12

High School Focus

1) TED

TED is an app that can be used on iPad, IPhone, iPod and some androids. This is a great app for anyone. TED provides thought provoking and intelligent lectures from people all over the globe. These TED talks can also be implemented directly into the classroom as many of the talks work well with the Alberta Curriculum.

In the Class:

The TED app is perfect for any classroom setting. For example, if our class was discussing technology use in the classroom, students would be allowed to browse the TED talks on the app to find which video they believe demonstrates their understanding of technology in the classroom .


Here is a great example of a TED talk that could be implemented in a class learning about technology.
Can Technology Change Education? Yes!: Raj Dhingra at TEDxBend

2) The Elements - A Visual Exploration

The Elements app is an amazing interactive app for students who are learning about the periodic table of elements. This app makes chemistry fun and extremely visual for students. It is now compatible with iPad iPhone and iPods.

In the Class:

The Elements app can be used greatly in any chemistry class or general science. The periodic table has amazing visual and pictures that helps students understand chemistry in a stimulating way. This app can be used in class when students have to work on a periodic table assignment, the app would help students be able to label and name different elements.


Here is a screen shot from one of the apps many features.
Big image

3) iSource MLA

iSource MLA is an app which helps students navigate the difficult world of citations and and bibliographies. This app helps students with formatting in-text citations and helps keep track of sources.

In the Class:

iSource MLA is a perfect app for example an English class. This app could be used in the classroom setting for students who are writing a research paper or an essay. This app would allow students to create proper citations and learn how to create in-text citations as well.

4) myHomework

myHomework is a student planner app available for iPads, Tablets, SmartPhones and computers. This helps students who have trouble remembering homework due dates and the app keeps track of assignments for the students. This is a great app for all students in any classroom.

In the Class:

myHomework is available on many formats for easy student use and availability. This app can be be used in any type of classroom. The teacher posts assignment and deadlines and students can upload them to this app to keep track of daily assignments and projects.

5) Kno

Kno is an electronic textbook app. This app allows for students and teachers to use e-textbooks for free and Kno keeps them in an organized space. There is thousands of free textbooks that students and teachers can use.

In the Class:

Kno is an app that can be used in a variety of classrooms. The thousands of free textbook allows students and teachers the choice of which reading material they want to use. For example in an English classroom students could use this app to find a list of novels that could be used for a book review.


Here is an interesting review of the advantages and disadvantages to e-textbooks.