The Vow

By: Morgan Smith


In Chicago, Kim and Krickitt had just got married and they are in love with each other. They have a car accident and Krickitt has a serious head injury and stays in coma for a week. When she wakes up from the coma, she only remembers of her life until five years ago and she does not recognize Kim. She remembers living with her rich parents and has to choose between the life she knows. Kim also tries to win her heart back. To be continued…. In conclusion, this is the summary of the book The Vow and its going to be continued...

Questions About The Book

a. Who is the author? - Kim and Krickitt carpenter

b. When is the publishing date? -2012

c. Who is the intended audience? - Teenagers and Older women

d. How is the text organized? - Cause and Effect and Chronological order

e. Are there are any biases beliefs the author has toward this person? How do you know? -Yes,because he says in detail when they are making bad decisions.

10 Main Keys Events Happened In The Story

  1. Kim had talked to Krickett on the phone about baseball uniforms (which was were krickett worked at)

  2. After a while of talking they begin to date and they meet in person

  3. Months after them dating they both decide to move in with each other and Kim proposes to krickett

  4. Then the car accident happened it was bad

  5. Krickett was in a coma for a few weeks and she woke up she could not speak at all and not even walk.

  6. The doctors find out that Krickett had lost her memory and doesn't remember falling in love with Kim and marrying him she just remembers her old life.

  7. She is convinced that she will never fall in love with krickett again and she decides to fix everything that had gone wrong in her past she wants to start fresh.

  8. Krickett finds out why she had left from contacting her parents and now she doesn't want anything to do with them maybe she didn't want to start all over again.

  9. Just when they were about to never see each other again they begin to fall in love all over again.

  10. They are now together in New Mexico happily married with two children. They are happier than ever.

Three Character Traits About That Person

The three characters traits that the main character has is that he is nice,strong and loving. I know that he is nice because in the book it said that when Krickett was yelling at him after the accident and telling him that he hates him and go away. His response was calm and he didn't yell back and always answered in a calm way and he never treated her meanly. When she said she wanted space he would give her space so he was also being nice about that too. I think that was nice because he didn't argue with her and he would do anything for her. He is also caring because in the book it said at his hardest times he still managed to focus on Krickett.Kim had so much bills to pay for but he didn't care about that he just worried about Kim. I think that was caring because he doesn't just think about himself he thinks about others too. He is also loving because he tries everything to get Krickett back and to remember him but when they were about to give up he got her to fall back in love with him. In the text it says that he would always tell her that he loved her even though she doesn't even remember marrying him and he would always remind her different things about her that he liked. Even though she couldn't remember him which he knew that he would still do all these things for her. In conclusion, these are the 3 character traits of the main character.

Early Life Affect Event in his/her Later Life

When he was younger he was a coach for a baseball team but then he had to give up his career for his wife because of the accident. And I think this is an effect of his career that he gave up for Krickett. But he didn't care he wanted to do anything for her and he didn't mind not being a coach anyways. Since he got hurt in the accident he had back problems anyways. In conclusion, this is an effect of his career since the accident happened

Three Main Characters Who Influenced This Chacter

The three characters who influenced the husband Kim was his wife, Krickett,his friend and his parents. Krickett influenced him because she was the main problem in the story ever since the accident she had became maybe mean and seemed to have a different personality.But that made Kim push harder for trying to get Krickett back and trying to get her to remember him. Another character who influenced was his friend he influenced him because his friend said to go to God and just pray and hope for the best. So of course he did that everyday he prayed for Krickett to get better and it influenced him to pray for her and for her to get better. Another character that influenced him was his parents they influenced him because they keep telling him that you have to keep trying even though he wanted to give up. With that influence he would show Krickett around the house so she can remember anything and trying to make her better. In conclusion, these are the three main characters who influenced the main character.

Quote Who Exampflies This Person

“If i could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through yourself in my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me”. This relates to Kim in the story the guy because he wants to make his wife realize even though she lost her memory and doesn't remember marrying him she still means a lot to him and he is fighting every way to get her back.In conclusion, this quote exemplifies the husband Kim.

Why I Liked This Book

Yes I did like this book I liked it because one reason why is that it's kind of like a romantic book which I like thats one of the main reasons why. Another reason why is that the book shows that even though you may lose hope you got to keep trying to get what you want and dont give up and that is how Kim got his wife to get her to fall back in love with him.The third reason I like the book is that its based off a true story because when its based on a true story it seems more real and it may relate to other people that had the same problem and they don't seem like the only one and it also uses real perspectives in the main characters in the book unlike fake perspectives. In conclusion, these are the three reason why I like the book The Vow.