BY:Sophia Cooper


Every kid loves music, no matter what kind it is. It makes you dance around and feel happy. You can listen to it when hanging out with friends or just when your going on a walk. Well these activities with music are all out of school. Some people think the music should be allowed in school, but some don't.
Can it help you, or do you think its a bad idea.


I think music in school is an optional idea. I mean if you are someone who can multitask like me, then go ahead and listen to music, because most of the time you'll get caught up in your work and forget about the music. However if you are some one who gets easily distracted and cant handle things like that, then I personally don't think you should listen to music in school or when doing home work. Now if your in school and your teacher says you can listen to music, make a wise decision and know what is best for you.


There are up's and down's to music in school, here are some up's. Listening to music in school can be good. Music is very powerful, it can help brain development like developing additional neural connections that can help master music." All though it can also help master spatial reasoning, symbolic thinking, and critical thinking skills. Music is a cool part in math too. From counting rhythms, to reading symbols. The skills students learn in music can also translate into a boost in math test scores".


Now there aren't as many down's to music in school, but some people say it is bad because it is as distracting as a elephant walking into a classroom. Well some of most people think listening to music also seems to impair task concentration as also the ability to not remember.
However just remember to make sure everything you do with the music in school is for good use. Don't just use it at lunch and dance around, use it for better test score, focusing on what ever work your doing,upping your home work grades. Stuff like that.