The Raft

by Brad Shannon

Before the crash

Before the crash Robbie was in honolulu at her aunt Aj's house. She likes to go there because she feels like she can be a real teenager and live life with a lot less restrictions then at home. But her aunt Aj has go somewhere els and is gonna leave her there by her self for a week. Only because Robbie told her that there would be someone checking up on her every day and that was a lie. and one night she walked to McDonalds to get something to eat and on her way back a man tried to take her. This scared her so much that she got on a plane that she usually gets on and tries to go home.

In The Ocean

The plane crashed it was just her and the copilot Max on a raft stranded in the ocean with only a bag of skittles (which Robbie does not know about) and a costal commander bag which helped them survive. The raft started to get leaky so Robbie thought she needed to make the raft lighter. To do that she had to throw max over just for a minet or two to so she could get most of the water out. Forgetting about Max after she bailed most of the water out she took a nap. when she woke up she did not see max anywhere.

On The Island

She is now on the island alone after being badly hurt by a reef. She does not have Max he was almost dead ever since they were in the raft. Robbie is stranded because the raft is shredded. So she decides to make a signal fire and to do so she tries to find working lighters to start it. Doing so she hears something loud noise and she finds out that is a Hawaiian Monk Seal that has been attacked by a tiger shark. she decides to put it down so it did not have to deal with that big gash and she becomes friends with the seals son and names it Starbuck. then she later gets rescued by a NOVAA research ship.

Text To Self

i can kinda relate to this because one time me and my friend were fishing and we decided to wad out into the water. Then we both noticed that we both had our phones in our pockets and they both were fully submerged under water. So we could not get home because it was to far to walk

Text To Text

when Robbie gets chased by the man on the way back from McDonalds reminds me about this book that i read called series of unfortunate events. its about these three siblings that get chased by this man that wants their fortune that their parents left them before they died.

Text To World

when the plane crashes it is like 9-11 when those two planes crashed in to the towers.