Room 113 News August 24th

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Reminder: 0pen House is this Thursday, August 27th, at 6:30pm. It will start in the Chevron Theatre

After School Pick-up

Hello Room 113 Families,

We are off to an exciting start and our 2nd graders have adjusted well to new routines and expectations. Now that students are familiar with our campus and where their classes are, we’d like to let you know that you can make plans to meet your second grader in a less congested spot such as the library, the cafeteria or one of the playgrounds. Second graders are also welcome to go to their after school activities, independently, if they feel confident.

If your child walks home from school, he/she can leave directly from their class at the end of the day and walk home. If your child rides a bus, he/she can walk directly to their bus. Thank you!

Birthday Celebrations

PLEASE DO NOT SEND INVITATIONS TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD to hand out unless you are inviting the entire class to a celebration outside of school. There are too many hurt feelings and tears. Send an e-vite! :)

Students and families are ALWAYS welcome to celebrate birthdays with classmates at school. Parents do not need to ask, but please email Mr. Hagen to schedule when the celebration will take place. Generally, we will celebrate birthdays from 12:30-12:40pm.

This year, we would like to ask you to consider sending creative and healthy alternatives to sugar filled snacks. Muffins instead of cupcakes... ants on a log... fruit kebobs... popcorn... cheese and crackers... etc. If you do decide to send something sweet, we ask that it's an appropriate size and you do not send additional sugar with it such as soda, juice boxes, or candy. Thank you ahead of time for being respectful of ISB's Healthy, Balanced, Active Life initiative.

From Ms. Kate Kersey, our Counselor

Dear Parents,

There are exciting things happening in Grade 2! The Grade 2 teachers, in collaboration with the counselor, will be introducing a program to teach children about solving problems. A special visitor, Kelso, will make his way to your child’s class. Kelso is a frog that assists children to identify and solve problems between people. According to Kelso, there are two sizes of problems; big and small.

Small problems are not very dangerous and not very scary. Children can work to solve their own small problems using self-generated solutions or using some of Kelso’s solutions (see the solution wheel). Kelso asks children to try at least two of his choices before going to an adult for assistance. If after implementing two solutions the problem has not been resolved, children are asked to approach an adult in the following manner: “I have a small problem [explain what it is] and I have tried [the following two solutions] but I still have the problem. Will you please help me?”

Big problems are very dangerous or very scary. Children should not attempt to solve big problems on their own. They should seek help from adults whom they trust.

Some examples:

Small problems: not sharing, pushing in line, arguing with their sibling, making noises that interfere with someone else, cheating in a game,calling someone names

Big problems: bullying, throwing stones near other people, exploring a dangerous

place, stealing, playing very rough

If a child brings a small problem to an adult without first trying to solve it on their own, the best thing for an adult to say is the following: “Is this a big problem or a small problem? Is it very scary or dangerous? [No] Okay please use one or two of Kelso’s choices to try to solve this on your own. I’d be happy to hear how you solved the problem afterwards.” After your child has solved his/her problem be sure to provide the appropriate reassurance and positive feedback for a job well done.

Kelso’s program empowers children to identify and solve their own problems. Teachers and parents have reported a decrease in tattling/telling tales after using this program. Children appreciate having options from which to choose and to be given the opportunity to positively affect their own environment.

If you use this language at home your child will be exposed to a consistent response from adults and will begin to respond to conflicts with more independence. It is helpful to place Kelso’s solution wheel in a prominent place in your home so that your children may refer to it when needed.


Kate Kersey

Kindergarten-Grade 2 School Counselor

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