Grace a Memoir

By: Grace Coddington

Who is Grace Coddington?

Grace is a former model who now works as a creative directer at Vogue

Grace Now

What makes her so important?

Grace was a excellent model, she new how to please a camera. Now that she works for Vogue as creative directer she styles and creates scenes for the camera she has worked and learned from the best of the best and the images are beyond beautiful.

One of her Many Master Peaces

How did Grace make such a name for herself?

She moved out of her family home into the city and started getting small modeling jobs and she started to make a name for herself (as a model). Then she entered a modeling contest for Vogue, and won which started her career for modeling at Vogue at age 26 she was in a car accident and lost her eye lid. (she had plastic surgery to get it reconstructed) She then interviewed for job as photo editor for British Vogue after finishing up that career she moved on as a creative director for American Vogue where she has remained throughout the years.

Grace Modeling

Why all the hype again now?

Grace just wrote a book on her life called "Grace A Memoir" it was excellently written it tolled of her adventures as a model and creative editor it showed an unrated version of the world of fashion it's not something where you just jump in and become great like it looks on the outside all perfect, you really have to work hard to get far.

Her Book

How She Does It

Grace Coddington - Outstanding Achievement Award

Book Project

Article By: Anna Amrock

Book Project: News Article on Non-Fiction Book (April 2013)

Teacher: Mrs.Fournier

Period: 8