By: Nimisha Jain

Flag of England

Map of England

Push Factors to why they left: Religious and Economic Reasons

· Religious- Religious Persecution was a very important reason that people migrated from England, during the time 1660-1800. (Religious Persecution is to exterminate, drive away, or subjugate people because of their religion, race, or beliefs) England allowed dissidents to migrate to the New World. (Dissidents are people against an established religious or organization, or belief)

· Economic- England’s population had been growing rapidly. There were a lot of farming helpers that had migrated from other countries. And there were many unemployed and underemployed workers. Many workers that moved to the New World were suffering from economic distress, and dropping wages.

Map of Texas

Map: There weren’t any exact patterns of settlement. John Hawkins and his crew landed on Veracruz, Mexico, then they headed upward toward south Texas. English settlement wasn’t very proper in Texas. They weren’t in groups, they immigrated on their own. They were mostly scattered around. There had been attempts to start colonies, but none were were successful.Like Beale's Rio Grande Colony, which had many settlers, just not rich resources or enough resources,so it failed. Also, they had tried settling in Galveston, but they couldn't get titles for the land.

Pull Factors:

  • Inexpensive Land and a lot of it
  • Job Opportunities
  • Religious Freedom
  • Family that is already settled here

British Culture

Tea Time!

The British are one of the world's most enormous tea consumers.

Afternoon tea – The custom of drinking tea in the afternoon began in the 19th Century. It was developed. because of the Duchess of Bedford. The Duchess ate only two meals a day being breakfast and dinner, the afternoon tea was meant to reduce the hunger between the meals. The afternoon tea was served along with a snack between 3:00-5:00 p.m.

High tea - A further development and refinement of the afternoon tea; this is actually an early dinner which includes tea. This type of tea ceremonial thing is take place between 5:00- 7:00 p.m. They call it "High Tea" because you sit on high table and drink the tea, compared to afternoon tea, in which the tables are lower.

Musical Mayhem!

British has tons of music festivals each year, with all types of genres. They have annual festivals that happen each year and traveling festivals, which move around. To name some of the Genres:

  • Bluegrass Music
  • Classical Music & Opera
  • Dance & Electronic Music
  • Ethnic Music
  • Folk Music
  • Jazz Music
  • Metal Music
  • Pop Music
  • Punk Music
  • Rock Music
  • Tribute Act Festivals
  • Cross-Genre
  • Metal Music
  • Rock Music

As you may have noticed, some of these genres are also in Texas, and England celebrates it's music, so Texas may of gotten a taste of some of these genres from England.

Holler For The Holidays!

  1. Candlemas Day- February 2nd- It's basically the christian celebration of lights, in which they light tons of candles, because on the 2nd of February all the candles that were used in church in the coming year, were received by the church and a blessing was said.
  2. Valentines Day- February 14th- We all celebrate Valentines day, but their are many tales that go along with England on this day.

  • If a woman saw a robin over her head on Valentines Day then she would marry a Sailor.
  • If a woman saw a goldfinch over her head on Valentines Day she would marry a rich person.
  • If a woman saw a sparrow over her head on Valentines Day she would marry a poor person but be very happy.

  1. Mother's Day-March 14th- Day to celebrate mom.
  2. Daffodil Sunday- April 4th- In the Victorian times, families picked daffodils to give to the sick people in the hospital.
  3. Primrose Day- April 19th- They dedicated this day to one of their important prime ministers that died.
  4. St. Georges Day- April 23rd- Dedicated to Saint George who Patron Saint of England and Scouting.
  5. May Day- May 1st- There is a superstition for this day: Girls used to go outside and into the garden and wash their face with may dew. There is an old tale that says may dew has magic and can make your face have beautiful complexion and no pimples or spots.
  6. Trooping the Colors- June 13th- Queen Elizabeth II has a military parade each year, in which the troops march past.
  7. Midsummers Day- June 24th- After the longest day of summer, there are bonfires to strengthen the sun. They also have witches, magic, fairies and dancing. They have many superstitions to do with roses on this day.
  • If you pick a rose on Midsummers day or eve it will keep fresh until Christmas.
  • Girls recite a poem during Midsummers Eve to scattered rose petals they say:

Rose leaves, rose leaves,

Rose leaves, I strew.

He that will love me,

Come after me now.

And, then their true love will come the next day.

Important Person

Mary Austin Holley was born in New Haven, Connecticut in England. She is Stephen F. Austin's cousin. Mary's early life and education was in England. Then on January 1st, 1805 she married Horace Holley. She had one son and one daughter. In 1827, Horace dies of a Yellow fever and was buried. She later moved to Louisiana in U.S, along with her brother Henry Austin. Then Henry Austin and Stephen F. Austin made plans for her arrangement and settled her near the Galveston Bay. There she wrote Texas: Observations, Historical, Geographical, and Descriptive, in a Series of Letters Written during a Visit to Austin's Colony, with a View to a Permanent Settlement in That Country in the Autumn of 1831, which was published in Baltimore in 1833. During her first Texas visit she also planned a book called "Travels in Texas" She wrote a biography for Stephen F. Austin, and helped a ton with annexation. She also drew many sketches of the Houston area, also provided money when they had a financial loss, and was the first anglo american woman to write out basically the entire Texas History in English.

Did you Know???

  1. A law says that any boy under the age of 10 cannot see a naked mannequin.
  2. In the city of Chester, you can only shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow inside the city walls and after midnight.
  3. British Police don't carry guns except in emergencies.
  4. A ghost of an ape haunted the Athelhampton House.
  5. There was a certain holiday which was called The Kissing day, in which a boy could go up to any girl and kiss her and she couldn't decline. That holiday only lasted until the 1940s though.
  6. French was the official language of England from 1066 to 1362.


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