Friday Homework Packet

Week of April 7

Spring Break - Friday, March 28 - Sunday, April 6

Have a safe and happy Spring Break!

Spelling List (Week 26)

1. toy
2. sound
3. couch
4. spoil
5. mouth
6. joy
7. clown
8. loud
9. frown
10. noise

Diphthongs: oy, ou, oi. ow

Reading Log will be sent home with students AND emailed as well.

Spelling activity Choices (choose any TWO)

1. Put all words in ABC order.
2. Write all words using PINK for consonants and BLUE for vowels.
3. Write TEN sentences (5 words or longer) using spelling words.
4. Write a funny story using TEN of your spelling words.
5. Outline a spring flower using ALL of this week's spelling words.
6. Write ALL of your spelling words in ABC order BACKWARDS.
7. Take a practice test at home. Write all misspelled words THREE times. Turn the practice test in.
9. Draw and color a picture with your words hidden in the picture. Do NOT color over your words.
10. Go to Make and solve a word search or crossword puzzle using all of your spelling words.

Weekly Schedule - week of 4/7

Monday (library) (PE)
Welcome back!

Tuesday (music)

AA final reports due

Wednesday (art)

Thursday (computer)
Spelling test & HW

Friday (PE)
Reading log & organizer due
vocab quiz

Vocabulary (Quiz Friday) (From Charlotte's Web)

1. runt - a smaller than normal animal baby
2.enchanted - delighted, fascinated
3. infant - a baby
4. blushed - a reddening of the face due to embarrassment
5. snout - an animal nose