Hudson ISD implements a direct approach for teaching phonics


HISD is proud to announce a full day prekindergarten for those who qualify. Currently five teachers and aides service approximately 106 students at Peavy Primary. Curriculum included in the program are Language and Literacy for Young Learners, Frog Street Press and Reading Readiness.
Neuhaus Education Center Early Childhood Literacy Program


Reading Readiness and Language Enrichment are both taught in Kindergarten classes at Hudson ISD. Language Enrichment consists of 3 years worth of lessons. Year 1 will be introduced in Kinder and completed in First grade. We have an accelerated scope and sequence for both Neuhaus courses. Other resources are used in Kindergarten from McGraw-Hill to ensure the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills are introduced to our classes. The following video provides information relating to the Reading Readiness course.
Reading Readiness - Instant Letter Recognition Chart

First-Third Grade

First and Second grade provide direct phonics support using Language Enrichment Year 1 and Year 2 respectively along with their McGraw-Hill basal series. Teachers have the flexibility within the basal to teach fluency, comprehension and grammar. Third grade uses year 2 as an intervention in either pull out or as an in class remediation.
Language Enrichment Year 1

Year 1 is introduced in Kinder and completed in First Grade at HISD. A sample of lesson 1.8 provides an example of the script used in the lesson for the letter S = (S).

Language Enrichment Year 2

Examples of scripted lessons for Language Enrichment Year 2 will provide insight on what teachers are required to say during a lesson.

Language Enrichment Year 3

Language Enrichment is not used as often at HISD as Year 1 and 2. It is available to our teachers in Grade 3 and above for review and extensions, if necessary.

Lesson Plans for Language Enrichment

Lesson planning guides are available for teachers in Language Enrichment.

Comprehension Mastery Checks

A variety of skills are assessed in the Mastery Checks.

Rapid Word Recognition Chart

Word recognition charts are included in the materials for each teacher.

MTA Readers

Readers were purchased for lower grades to use with Language Enrichment. Most any phonics reader will suffice for practice.

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Hudson ISD Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Lisa Jeffrey - Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Suzanne Stroud - Administrative Assistant for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment