Tech Ninja Blast

Week of April 11, 2016

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This Week's "JOT": An Easy-to-Use Audio Recording Tool - "Vocaroo"

Vocaroo is a simple web-based voice/audio recording tool that's been around for a while but is still one of easiest to use. Although vocaroo doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles, its simple and intuitive design allows for both you and your students to quickly jump in and start using it to create original audio clips in a variety of ways!

  • No login/account set-up required (it is literally "press and play")
  • Works on any device
  • End-product (audio file) is easily shared by positing a link (or QR code)
  • Can be down loaded and saved as mp3 (if desired).

How can vocaroo be used in your class to support student learning?

You might record yourself explaining a concept, giving directions, or stating questions, cues, or prompts related to an assignment or project (think audio assessment a la "Listening and Interpreting").

Students can use Vocaroo to record their responses to study questions, describing how they solved a particular math problem, or use it to practice their oral language skills by reading passages, poetry, or excerpts to demonstrate fluency and expression. What about music students recording their performance on a piece of music?

Here's a bit more about vocaroo (click on the link below).


Q: I can only view my own students' data. How can I and my colleagues, as a grade level or department level team, view student data across the grade level or department? In other words, how can we share our student data with one another as we're working collaboratively and planning next steps of instruction as a team?

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A: Simply put, we create Student Groups. Student Groups are easily created by request. For example, the high school English Department needed a way to collectively access student data as a whole when working in their collaborative/PLC planning sessions. A "Student Group" consisting of all students enrolled in an English class at the high school was created to facilitate this level of department-wide access so that the team can more effectively analyze writing performance by grade level, identify performance trends and specific students in need of interventions, and make better informed decisions as a whole when planning next steps.

Feel free to inquire about how Illuminate Education can be better used in your class to improve assessment delivery, streamline assessment scoring, and simplify data analysis and management.

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, April 11: LCAP Data Support - (DO), CAASPP/SBAC Training Staff Meeting (RD)
  • Tues, April 12: LCAP Workshop - (MCOE), CAASPP Training Dev (DO)
  • Wed, April 13: Ed-Tech Support - (FG), LCAP and Ed Tech Plan Revision (DO)
  • Thurs, April 14: Ed-Tech Support - (CHS), CAASPP/SBAC Training Staff Meeting (FG)
  • Fri, April 15: Ed-Tech Support - (RD), ELA Department Planning Meeting (MS)