Jurassic Time Period

By: Lydia Ebeling

Major Events

The biggest event that has happened in this time period right now it Pangea has started to break apart as North America separates from Africa and South America. New oceans were now in the spaces between. Mountains were now on the sea floor, pushing the ocean level higher on the continents.


This climate is usually warm or moist, but you can never predict what the weather is going to do. It could be nice and warm today and freezing cold tomorrow. The climate though is most likely going to have warm, tropical breezes. This climate is more like a jungle type weather. Since it is nice though, some plants and animals have been found anywhere and not just in a region.

Plants and Animals

People say that dinosaurs ruled the Earth, which that would be true. If there were no plants, dinosaurs or any other land animal couldn't survive. Dinosaurs ate plants like cycad. Cycad is like seed plants, they usually have a hard and stiff base with evergreen leaves. The T-Rex dinosaur is a carnivore, they usually eat herbivores.


If you were to go back to the Jurassic time period you would most likely see forests and in some parts, deserts.

Main Things People Would See

This time period has a lot of thing to see in it. The main thing that people would see is dinosaurs. Dinosaurs ruled the Earth but were not the only thing on the Earth either. There were many other animals at this time period as well. Like the Archaeopteryx, this was a type of bird. Another animal was libys, this type of animal was a fish like animal.

What should you pack for safety?

The main thing if you were going to come to the Jurassic time period was a lot of water. You will be doing a lot of hiking, walking and running. You will get tired and want a drink. Another thing you will want to bring is snacks. You might just get hungry on your this trip so you might want to bring something to eat. Something else you might want is a fan. You never know what the climate is going to be like. It will mostly be hot though. You also could bring a camera. There are some really pretty views including waterfalls. I would defiantly want to take a picture of that! The last thing you might want to bring is sunscreen. Like I said about the fan you never know what the weather will be like. If it is hot and you burn easily, you might want some sunscreen!


There are a lot of dangers you could face in your trip. The main thing is dinosaurs. A dinosaurs bite could be the weight of a medium sized elephant just sitting on you! Another danger you might face is finding a water supply. The oceans in this time period were salt water. It would be highly dangerous to drink salt water since you would not know if it is reliable or not. You would need to know what plants and animals were safe to eat and drink.