Student led Confrences

The Contrapulous Journey of Education

What can i do to become a better learner?

I can make myself a better learner by being more engaged in class, maybe stop daydreaming.

How can my teachers help?

My teachers could do more hands-on assignments, they could also pay more attention to students.

How can my parents/family help?

They could help but i don't want them to, period.

In what subject do i want to improve?

I probably most want to improve in non-creative writing, i really don't like doing it and my writing sometimes comes off as bland.

What assignment did i do this year that i am proud of?

I would say that i am most proud of the character escapes essay, and definitely the book alternate ending.

Monday, April 1st 2013 at 8:30pm

660 School Rd

Eastsound, WA

That is the day i work 200% harder in school.