Cereal vs. Cereal

What Will You Decide?

We make decisions every day of our lives. From deciding which cereal you should buy, to the major decision of buying a house, sometimes our decisions are hard to make. Here is a decision making design to hep you figure out the right choice. The decision that I am using as an example is which cereal I should buy: The Mini Wheats Crunch or the Quaker Oatmeal Squares? This is the first step of the design: Defining the decision.

What's Next?

Next, to figure out which cereal to choose, I will have to estimate the resources. The resources that I recorded was the price, which was 2.99$ for each because they were both on sale. Other resources were there size, and the oatmeal squares had more cereal than the Crunch did. Also, the nutritional value was better in the squares than the Crunch. So far, the oatmeal squares are being the better choice.

Now, to consider the alternatives: The only choices that I am addressing are the Quaker Oatmeal Squares and the Miniwheats Crunch. So, if I got the squares, I would be getting more for my money, and if I got the Crunch, I would be getting bigger squares. Even now, the oatmeal squares are the better choice.

Now, to gather more information. Both of the cereals are brand name, but the Crunch has a appealing box and bigger squares. The oatmeal squares contain more cereal, and has better nutritional value. When I tested the cereal for the taste, I found that the Crunch was sweeter but had an undesirable thickness. The oatmeal squares, however, were not as sweet, but they were thinner and more bite-sized.

To decide which cereal I should eat, I picked the Quaker oatmeal squares because of their taste, size, thickness, and price. For the final step, evaluating my decision, I think that my choice of the oatmeal squares was a good choice because of the resources and characteristics. I love both cereals, but the oatmeal squares has a better taste, and gives me more for my money. So, in conclusion, the Quaker oatmeal squares was the best choice for me to pick than the Miniwheats Crunch.

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