Gouverneur Breast Cancer Walk

Here are some important news about the Breast Cancer Walk next weekend.

  • As you might have already read in Mark's email, we are not doing well in collecting donations for the walk. I might be the only one, but I do not want Massena's teachers to beat us. They've raised about $1500. We have maybe $600. So next week, Chris and I will be going room to room with a collection. Please consider contributing a little more. I was so proud yesterday when West Side had collected the most in the month :)
  • We will meet at the GTA tent on Saturday. This is a new thing this year. We will be sponsoring a memorial tent with a wall of ribbons and doves that people can write a loved one's name on. We would like to have a great showing to show the community how GTA cares about Gouverneur and the people in the community. Please plan on meeting at the GTA tent to start the walk.
  • Our tee-shirts will be in before the end of Friday of next week for those who ordered one.

Meet and Greet

Next Monday, the GTA will be hosting a Meet and Greet for the Board of Education for current board members and those who are up for election. This is a nice way to build a positive relationship with our Board and I encourage everyone to come to this event. When we put faces to names and create that relationship, it hopefully will make the Board think more about their decisions and how they can impact us personally.

If anything, it also looks good to administration ;)

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Happy Teacher Recognition Week

I, like many of you, constantly find myself short on time, so I couldn't find a really creative way to tell you how much I value working with you all. I think we are truly an awesome bunch of teachers and that we care about our students. We want them to do well and we carry them with us always. I know it's been a tough time these past few weeks, but I have to tell you, when I've talked to people, we're still supportive of each other, we've still got each other's backs, and we still come to school each day, ready to give it our all for our students.

I want to thank you for all that you do and I want to tell you that you are all wonderful teachers, deserving of lots of praise and gifts this week and every week. Happy Teacher Recognition Week!

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