The Ultimate Pair-Share

Heather L. Montgomery NF KidLit Author

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Steal This: The Ultimate Pair Share

Photo Credit: Marc Golden/Gadsden Times

Innovative teacher-librarians Heather Hannah and Amy Dillard turned my author visit into a collaborative learning extravaganza! As students from the Hokes Bluff Middle School filed into the gymnasium, they were each partnered with a student from Hokes Bluff Elementary School, The students participated in the entire program as partners.

Not only was this fun, but we saw immediate benefits! Examining a skull, a fourth grader eagerly scribbled questions shared by her kindergarten partner. He was growing his documentation skills while helping her to observe carefully.

Knowing his responsibility to his sixth grade buddy, a first grader stayed on task for a prolonged period. Surprised, his teacher realized she needed to challenge him more.

For a "too cool" eighth grader, all it took was a couple of genuine questions from her 5th grade partner. Soon both students were intently engaged, grossed out, and loving the learning process.

The unique collaboration between these two schools reminded me of the value of peer teaching. These partners turned every day questions into a learning explosion! Why not try this form of ultimate pair sharing at your school?

Heather L. Montgomery

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