NMS Library News

by Julie Midyett

Library Updates for September 2013

Happy Fall! I have a few library announcements now that the school year is underway. Please come see me if you have questions, concerns, or need any help with any of your research lessons!

Sixth graders have been entered into EasyBib. All students should now have accounts. For seventh and eighth graders, they may have to enter the coupon code. This code is ftzbib2.

Please remember to send students to the library with passes. We have had some difficulty this year with students coming to the library when they are expected to be somewhere else.

The Mark Twain and Truman Program is off to a great start! Many students are beginning to take quizzes and are displaying their Smart phones on the bulletin board outside the library. Please feel free to stop by and check out a book if you would like to participate!

Research: Sign up with me if you would like help with any of your research lessons. I am more than happy to assist and research has proven that collaboration between teacher and librarian benefits the students.

Mobile Labs: It took some time for things to get started in the mobile lab department, but both labs are now being used quite consistently. I am certain they will be checked out more often in the near future. They have had a few issues with charging and not connecting to the Wi-Fi. I have found that if students are not able to log in, restarting the computer sometimes helps. Jeffrey is aware of that problem and is working on it. Please report issues to Jeffrey by using the tech work order process. We won't know there are problems unless they get reported. Also, remember to sign out a lab in the back conference room of the library. Labs may be kept in classrooms if used consecutive days in a row.

Have a wonderful fall season!

Try out Smore!

As promised, I have decided to deliver my newsletter using different technology tools. This one is called Smore. I set up a free account and found it very simple to use. You simply choose a background and begin adding text and pictures for a very colorful way to deliver information! Try it out here!

Need to contact us?

Contact me if you need to schedule library time or mobile lab dates, or if you need assistance with finding database or electronic resources. Contact Kathy for carts of books, student library fine or overdue questions, and for PE students who need to stay in the library.