Baking Seminar

--led by Breauna Jackson--

Motivational Seminar

Join Martha Stewart and Breauna Jackson as they make you the best baker you can be!! By the humanistic theory you'll have a desire to be the best baker you can be, and have a sense of fulfullment in your baking. If you have something going on, cancel! If you love baking and have a desire to be the best, you'll come to our seminar instead.


Thursday, Dec. 11th, 4pm

Martha Stewart's house

be there or be square... or in this case, a bad baker

topics we'll address at the seminar!

  • Sensory Deprivation is not something bakers like. You'll learn to be a sensation seeker. Baking may not be the most dangerous, crazy activity, but you'll be happy baking. It'll definitely stimulate your senses!
  • At the seminar we'll experiment with your performance and learning goals. For your performance goals, you'll want to be the best baker out there. Our learning goals will be wanting to learn the basics of learning how to bake. And, with learning goals we'll have goals to learn how to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and anything you want to bake!
  • Since rewards are important, you'll get both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards as a result of coming to this baking seminar. As an extrinsic reward you'll feel like an amazing baker, and your work will be perfect, just how you want it. Your internal or intrinsic reward will be self-satisfaction. You'll be satisfied with your baking skills and what you learn at the seminar.
  • Our state of happiness or unhappiness affects everything we do. So, an important topic at our seminar will be happiness, or positive emotions. If you're happy, everything seems happier. So, its important to manage what you're doing. If you have good management skills, things, like baking, will go more easily for you. When things are going smoothly and we feel good about our work, people are more happy and the world looks good.
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