Corey Melson

Background Information

WHO: Martin Luther King Jr.

WHAT: His Assassination

WHEN: April 4, 1968

WHERE: Lorraine Motel

WHY: Martin Luther King was such a driving force if not the biggest force for the Civil Rights Movement, and James Earl Ray wanted to put an end to that.

HOW: Shot while standing outside of motel room

Criticism, Bias, and Media portrayals

  • Historical Criticism is used for this event because Martin Luther King was such a driving force in the Civil Rights Movement. He orchestrated the Bus Boycott and the Million Man March. Along with those two important events his "I Have A Dream" speech is what he is most known for. Through the views of historical criticism people can say that through out history peaceful leaders have been assassinated, because of their effort to change the world.

  • Borgna Brunner:
  • King Assassination Conspiracy Theories

This article has bias by omission. The reason it is bias by omission is that he left out key details about who Lloyd Jowers was (Guy who ran Jim's Grill which was across from the Lorraine Motel where King was shot). Also did not give any characteristics of the guy Jowers hired to kill king and the guy he hired was not James Earl Ray.

Media Portrayals:

  • One view is that Martin Luther King Assassination helped america. He helped people bring closer together, helped people not be judged by the color of their skin, and help people be treated equal. With him doing those important things we have Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This historic holiday helps us reflect the important things he did, and how we sacrificed his own life to make other peoples life better so they wouldn't have to endure the hardships he suffered.
  • On the other side we have people who think Martin Luther King assassination made america bad. After his death there were numerous rights in different cities which basically led to destruction in those cities. Some people suspected that King was a communist, and with his death people thought there would be a communistic uprising in america. If people were not thinking about communism then they were in fear for their life, since King's killer was Caucasian they thought African-Americans would come back and get revenge on them.

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