Bubbling Potion

By Iris, Kevin, and Affan

Special Effect: Bubbling Potion

When we mixed vinegar and baking soda the mixture released many CO2 bubbles (bubbling potion) This special effect will come in handy in a tv show or a play that involves potions because the effect took action immediately and the bubbles are very visible.

Chemical Connection

The Chemical Connection is...

The vinegar (Which is an acid) and the baking soda (which is a base) were combined to create the CO2 bubbles, which was the chemical reaction. However, the CO2 bubbles were only temporary, and dissolved into the mixture after a few seconds.

Safety Precautions

Some Safety Precautions that were taken were:

  • Wearing goggles to protect the eyes
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Tied back hair
  • The items were poured carefully