Templum Iovis Optimi Maximi

By: Sai, Tyler, and Eddy


Purpose of the Temple:

It was used for...

admitting new consuls

making sacrifices for the gods

many religious things occurred within this temple

A lot of praying to a lot of the Roman Gods

Significant Dates/ age

Dedicated on September 13, 509 BC

Burned down in 83 BC, 69 AD, & 80 AD

The last rebuilding of the Temple occurred in 51 -- 96 AD

Floor Plan/design


Being dedicated to Jupiter, this temple was the most important in Rome.

Located on the Capitoline Hill

Perimeter: 800 feet each side roughly 200 feet

3 chambers, main one dedicated to Jupiter

walling made in blocks of grey tufa- quadriga stone (cappellaccio)

The temple building stands on a high podium with an entrance staircase to the front, had columns

Color: white, tanish brown, vanilla, stone color


The Temple was located on the Capitoline Hill, near the Forum