David Beggs

8th Grade Computer Lit

My Family and Friends

I am happily married to my wife Amanda, and together we have one child Tennyson. Our household stays busy tending to work, school, sports and our two Basset Hounds; Ruby (1) and Otis (14).

School Updates

Osage Trail Middle

This is my 13th year working at Osage Trail Middle School. I have worked as a AT Risk teacher, 7th and 8th grade history teacher and I am currently employed as a 7th and 8th grade computer technologies teacher.

Hobbies and Intrests

I am addicted to aquariums and fish keeping, I spend a great deal of time culitvating aquatic coral and someday hope to breed my own saltwater fish. I currently have a 220 gallon reef aquarium along with several other aquariums used as backup tanks and filtration.
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Career Day March 24th!

I will be attending Adam Beglau's presentation. Adam is a long time friend and I always enjoy having him talk to students.