All About Me

A Little Something About Me.

Meet Chloe!

Meet Chloe! I am a rational, sort-of-'rad' being, who enjoys photography, psychology, reading, and much more! i don't really prefer to talk about my family much, either. I don't many extracurricular things at school, due to the fact that many school activities don't provide interest. I love to draw, run, play guitar, occasionally eat raisins, and most importantly, rest.
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What does it mean to be a Leader?

Being a leader means to not be strong or masculine. Or even feminine, for that matter. Being a leader means to guide others through well, and teach them to become rational, and mentally healthy. Being a leader means you must be reasonable. For being a rightful leader means to be a leader of justice, and hope. Not dictatorship.

Famous Influential Leaders

1. David Bowie

2. Bo Burnham

3. Ray Sipe

Leaders in My Life

1. A friend, Alexander.

2. Ryan Zavala. Also a friend.

3. Mrs. Hillstrom, a very reasonable being.


Short Term Goals.

1.) Get the "moneys", 2.) Work on mentality. 3.) Eat yummy foods.


Long Term Goals

1.) Move out at 17.

2.) Learn Japanese.

3.) Meet my best friend. (Alexander)