The bears and Baldlocks

by Aaron Rodrigues

Chater 1

Once upon a time there were three bears called mama bear, baby bear and papa bear. They had an orphan bear cub called Baldilocks. They were all really broke and almost starved to death but before I can tell you that story I have to tell you this story. One lonely night they were just walking down to the weapon shop to get some weapons to blow up the commonwealth bank.

Chapter 2

The next

morning the bears and Baldilocks [she is bald] all went to the pet shop to buy some dogs, birds and some more dogs. They put cameras on their legs so that they can spy on the bank and see where all the money and gold was kept. So the next morning at 10.00 they set off walking their dogs and carrying their birds in their hands, the moment they stepped into the bank the alarms went off, going WEO WEO WEO WEO and the bank lady quickly called the police. Five minutes later the police came and arrested them and baby bear said “but we are poor and are too young to go to jail’’, and the officer said, “well who cares about you”. “No one does”, said baby bear. The officers said, “DO YOU WANT TO BE EXECUTED?”. “NO”, said baby bear. Mama bear said, “I want to be executed’’. “ARE YOU CRAZY?” said papa bear. “Yes”, replied mama bear. “Enough”, said the police officer, “now I am going to drive you to jail”. but in one condition said baby bear, we have to sing Row Row Row the boat while we drive to the jail.

Chapter 3

Ok said the police office, so they all got ready to sing Row Row Row the boat. Then they started singing row row row the boat gently down the stream if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream.

Chapter 4

Finally they reached the jail and the police officer put them in the jail with no mercy. There they were lying on their beds. Baby bear singing row row the boat, mama bear thinking of all the money that was in the bank and papa bear just thought about what he would have done if he was not jailed. Papa bear called their relatives to help them to get out of jail. He called them to blow up the jail at 12.00.Two months later, when are they coming said shouted mama bear ‘They were suppose to come two months before this same Friday. But that was in the past, when are they coming in the future, oh I don’t really know. Well know about it other wise my head will EXPLODE. Ok ok said papa bear, gee she gets angry. What did you say said mama bear. I said gee you get angry. Ok now my head is really going to explode. Then one day they had a chance to escape. Their relatives were here at last. They ran for their lives into the woods in the deep dark forest, but suddenly baby bear fell into a puddle of quick sand and everyone ran to help baby bear get out of the quicksand. When they got out they walked this time to their house. When they reached they found three bowls of gold porridge, three chairs of made out of gold and three beds made out of gold. They also saw a hole pile of gold stuffed in he middle of the house.

chapter 5

‘Where did all this gold come from’ asked papa bear, we helped you steal all the gold from the bank. how did you do that, we tried that but we didn’t make it. We of corse have more luck in numbers WHOOWEA. We also ran a bit late rescuing you. That’s ok said papa bear at least we are here. And they all lived happily ever after.