Cairo, Egypt

The City Victoriuos

Cairo's Tasty Munchies!!! XD XD

Cairo has an amazing variety in the culinary arts. In Cairo restaurants can range from a sandwich shop to a legit 5 course meal! Cairo has dining boats, huge boats that are restaurants and while you eat you float the Nile. These amazing choices are great but wait until you go to a restaurant with Traditional Egyptian food, which line almost every street. You can get Shawarma, Foul, and Falafels. So be sure to try some of these amazing choices!

Some of Cairo's amazing Sights!

Cairo's Amazing History

Come to Cairo and learn about an amazing history, here's a snipet. Egypt started out the civilization with the Pharaohs, king like rulers, but soon after the Roman empire began to rise. The Romans invaded and took over parts of Egypt, including Cairo. Later, after the Roman empire fell, the Egyptians ruled again. But then came the British! Now a free country, you can see many artifacts of this amazing past.

Fun things to do while in Cairo!

Did you know there are so many things you can do in Cairo? Well there is! You can do lots of things but what you wan tot do first would be get an English version of the news paper. Then you can see what's going on in Cairo. You could also go to a park, Cairo has many parks, go outdoors and take a walk or take your kids out to play. Another thing to do is shop! Shop till you drop at one of Cairo's many shop's. Go to Museums, like Cairo's Museum of Islamic arts, which has the pharaoh-Queen's, Hatsheput's, Mummy!

Crazy Langauge

Cairo's Language is hard to learn, but very useful. Cairo's official language is Arab, yet most people do learn English. Before the Arab invasion Egypt spoke Coptic was the spoken and written language, yet now they speak Arab. The written language has changed very little, yet the spoken language has changed a lot its much easier, an dis more on the basis of English and French. If you go to Cairo, the tourist companies as in Taxi's, the people who work for those companies must know English cause most people speak that language as at least a secondary language.

Time's to Come

You can come to Cairo any time of the year! Here's some info on Cairo. Summer's are hot and dry, but not super bad. Fall's are warm and a bit dry, very little rain but lots of winds so you would bring a jacket to protect yourself from the wind. Winters are cold and sort of wet, but if you just bring a jacket you will be fine. Spring is the time that you can worry about, all the plants are blooming, and the weathers perfect, but if you have allergies than you wont want to come, spring has high Pollen and mold, so any time is perfect but if you have allergies spring wont work.

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