Computer engineering

and what they do

Definition of engineering

A professional who has software, systems or network engineering experience. The term may also refer to an individual with an electrical engineering background, who is also proficient in computer science. Such a person could be involved in the design of hardware as well as software

the eingerring design process and the desicon making process

1 identify the decision 1 identify the problem

2 gather relevant information 2 research the problem

3 identify alternates 3 develop possible solutions

4 weigh evidence 4 pick the best option

Chose the best answer 5 build a prototype

6 take action 6 test the prototype

7 look at the consequences 7 improve the design

8 communicate the results

The process are very similar except when the decision making process goes into more detail with weighing the evidence however the engineering design process communicates the results

the duties of a computer

Computer hardware engineers design new computer equipment and draw blueprints for the equipment that will be built. Computer hardware engineers also test the prototypes they design, analyze the test results and modify the designs, if necessary. Some hardware engineers specialize in testing. Hardware engineers are also responsible for updating equipment to ensure it will work with new software and other new hardware components. They also oversee the manufacturing of new computer hardware, working together with other engineers, programmers and management

an ethical situation

a situation where a computer engineer would be called upon if a customer would need the computer or laptop fixed once the screen went black

career paths for computer engineers

Most computer software engineers have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, software engineering, or some other related field. Courses taken in business may also be useful for those who wish to design business related software. Some companies prefer their software engineers who work on complex projects to have a graduate degree. New software engineers may receive on-the-job training. They can also earn professional certification to show potential employers or clients as proof of their competence level. All computer software engineers should expect to stay abreast of the latest technology in order to remain competitive in the workplace

the life cycle of a computer

he life of computer hardware starts at the drawing board, inside the confinements of the offices of ASUS, Samsung and HP, among others. The hardware designs are eventually turned into prototypes, and after completing a complex series of testing and development the computer hardware finds its way into the production chain. This can take years, such as with the development of new types of computer chips that require an intensive research and development process.After the computer hardware is taken into production, frequently in the factory of the world known as Asia, our computer hardware sees the light of day. Brand new graphic cards, computer chips, motherboards, keyboards, mouses, displays and all the other computer hardware we know and love.Eventually the computer hardware finds its way across the globe. Into our local stores and warehouses, where they are sold to businesses and individual consumers. The hardware finds its way into our homes and offices, where we perceive them as brand new products.

my product is a wait for it

a computer

market analyisis

market analysis will enable you to lure investors, sidestep pitfalls, and most importantly, attract customers. the risk of market analysis is if you do it wrong your new company will fail but if done correctly a market analysis is the best guide to starting a company