iOs7 Apps For Education

For Elementary School By: Laura Cormier

Below are 5 apps that I think could possibly be used in an elementary classroom setting. I think these apps are all engaging and interactive, and would be an assets to the classroom environment and student learning. All the apps below can be found in the apple app store, and are available for both iPhone and iPad.

1. Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is an interactive world atlas that can be used for i pad or i phone devices. This is a digital atlas that is aimed at children elementary school age. This app allows children to explore our world's continents, oceans, and countries. This could be used in a classroom for a social studies activity, or a geography lesson. This can also be useful in a language arts class if the students are reading a book set in a different country. If a student taps a country, they are given knowledge about that particular country, real pictures of that country, and even the current weather! This is also a great classroom tool because it is more updated than a regular paper atlas would be, it is constantly updating it's information. Also, I think that this app is able to keep a student more engaged than a regular old atlas is. It has fun pictures and very interactive. Check out the video below to see all the amazing features of this app!
Barefoot World Atlas App Demo

2. Human Body by Tinybop

The Human Body by tinybop is an app that can be used with the iPad or iPhone. It is an animated working model of the body that explores six components of the human body: circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, skeletal system, and the muscular system. The app also has detailed and interactive components about how the stomach, eyes, lungs, and heart work. Kids are able to explore the human body that has a kid friendly interface. If a child has a question they are able to record their voice and you are able to listen to it later. This can be used in the classroom during a science class that explores the basics of our systems and anatomy. Below is a video of a parent exploring this app and showing all the cool features.
Human Body by Tinybop iPad app Review for Children and Parents

3. Montessori Geometry

This is an app that is for both iPad and iPhone. This is an app that could be used in an elementary classroom for some of the lower grades. This app is used to teach children their different shapes in 2D and 3D, shows children how shapes are everywhere in our day to day lives, and helps children differentiate between the different shape through "games" on the app. Below is a video showing all the cool features in much more detail.
Montessori geometry : Kids learn and have fun with shapes !

4. Monkey Word School Adventure

Monkey Word School Adventure is an app for both iPhone and iPad. This is an app that I would use for grades 2 or 3. It is an app that helps teach spelling, letters, sight words, and phonics. It is a very interactive app where students are able to learn through a series of games that are fun and engaging. Another great feature about this app is that one is able to change the difficulty of the games. This fits in with UDL quite well. If you had a classroom you are able to adjust the difficulty settings to something easier for students, or harder for other students. Below is a video showing some of the games.
Monkey Word School Adventure

5. The Math Tree

Math Tree is an app available for both iPad and iPhone devices. It is a simple app that I would use with grade 1 students. It is an app that has simple arithmetic of addition and subtraction. It uses auditory, and visual learning tools and is a great app for teaching kids the basics of math. It is very kid friendly, and interactive for them. Below is a video to show all the great features of it.
The Math Tree App Review