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March 10, 2017

Entrepreneurship Lesson Plan Helps Students find their Future Careers

Materials needed:

  • Writing surface
  • Post-it notes, at least seven pieces per student
  • Framework handout, one per student
  • Large envelopes labeled with the framework component containing the corresponding color-coded framework elements and descriptors cards (print on card stock or laminate for reuse), one set per small group
  • Smartphone, tablet or computer, one per student
  • Computer or tablet with projector to show entrepreneurship videos

Anticipatory Set: 4 minutes

“SkillsUSA helps students become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. Participation in SkillsUSA activities and completion of Career and Technical Education classes prepares us for the future. Today we will take a look at how SkillsUSA accomplishes these tasks.”

Use Let’s Go to the Movies from SkillsUSA Accelerate (Page 45) and show the first of three entrepreneurship videos:

Loretta Cabuyadao owns Kopy King. She explores the decision to own her own business. After the video, facilitate a discussion by asking questions including:

  • “How did SkillsUSA prepare Loretta for her future career?”
  • “‘Nobody but me.’ How do these words relate to Loretta? How do they relate to you in the classroom? In SkillsUSA? In the workplace?”

“Loretta is just one example of a successful entrepreneurs who got her start in SkillsUSA. Today we will meet two other alumni. However, first, let’s examine the skills a successful entrepreneur must possess.”

Activity 1: 9 minutes

Give each student several Post-it notes.

“Think about a successful entrepreneur such as Loretta. What skills does he or she possess? What characteristics does he or she demonstrate on a daily basis? Write one skill or characteristic per Post-it note. What questions are there? (Pause) You have two minutes to brainstorm.”

Monitor students’ work. After two minutes, give further directions.

“Post your notes on the writing surface (or another wall). As you are doing this, read through all of the Post-it notes. If there are some that are similar, move them so they are grouped together. What questions do you have? (Pause) You have three minutes to post, read and organize.”

Monitor student work. After three minutes, have students return to their seats. Have volunteers read the Post-it notes to the class.

As students read, notes should be grouped and moved as needed.

“Good work brainstorming. These skills and traits are a great start.”

Activity 2: 10 minutes

“To further define the skills of a successful entrepreneur, we will look at the SkillsUSA Framework. The framework is unique to our organization and illustrates how students fulfill the mission of SkillsUSA, which is ‘to empower members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.’ The framework has three components. Let’s discover those three components and learn more about each one.”

Download the complete lesson plan at

Announcing the 2017 SkillsUSA and Lowe’s Spring Community Service Grants

Lowe’s continues an eighth year of generosity with another round of SkillsUSA grants in 2017. Grant information and the application are now available on the SkillsUSA website at The guidelines and focus of the grant program are significant community improvement. Grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded. Multiple applications per school will be accepted and priority for funding will be given to new SkillsUSA chapters.

The best proposed projects will:

  • provide a life-changing experience for the SkillsUSA students involved and the beneficiaries of the grant dollars
  • demonstrate a well-articulated planned partnership with and engagement from local Lowe’s store team(s)
  • show impact by reporting how many SkillsUSA students participated and how many members of the community will be affected?
  • show collaboration with other organizations and show sustainability
  • show active use of social media to promote and document the project
  • be improvement projects that use Lowe’s as a resource for employee knowledge and/or products available at Lowe’s.

For more information, please send an email to The deadline for grant applications is April 3, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Late applications will not be accepted. Please review the grant guidelines to be sure that applications are properly completed and submitted.

Fine Homebuilding and SkillsUSA’s #KeepCraft Alive Scholarship

SkillsUSA is proud to announce, in partnership with Fine Homebuilding, a new scholarship opportunity for SkillsUSA high-school, college/postsecondary and alumni members studying in construction related fields. Applicants should celebrate the value of true craftsmanship in their trade and plan to continue their education in #KeepCraftAlive affiliate school programs, community college, undergraduate programs, or industry certifications. Fine Homebuilding will award five $5,000 scholarships – a total of $25,000 – to students in fields such as architectural drafting, carpentry, cabinetmaking, electrical and residential wiring, HVACR, masonry, woodworking and plumbing for the 2017-18 academic year.

Selections will be based on completion of an application, along with a 300-word essay showing their passion for their craft and a letter of support from a teacher, administrator, SkillsUSA advisor or educational/professional mentor. Winners will be acknowledged at a special reception on Thursday, June 22 during the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference, at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky. An added benefit is the possibility of a travel stipend to attend the event.

For more information about the #KeepCraftAlive initiative, please visit:

To apply for this opportunity, please use the application found on our website at: If you have questions, contact Susanne Kahler at 703-737-0616 or

Opportunity for Rising Student Designers!

ACTE is excited to announce the launch of our second annual student contest to re-design the 3D-printed trophies for the ACTE Excellence Awards. Thanks to Stratasys, we are pleased to present these unique trophies that not only celebrate ACTE’s core values, but also embody them. Created by cutting-edge technology, the trophies manifest CTE’s role in preparing students for 21st-century careers, and they harness the power of collaboration between CTE and business and industry partners.

The winning trophy design will be 3D-printed by Stratasys and presented to the 10 national award winners at the 2017 ACTE Awards Banquet in Nashville, Tennessee.

Prize - The first-place designers will receive:

  • $1,000 scholarship prize
  • a one-year free rental of a 3D printer and supplies to the winner’s school
  • a 3D-printed copy of their award, courtesy of Stratasys
  • a one-year complimentary ACTE membership for students and their teacher
  • a paid trip to Nashville, Tenn. to be recognized on stage at the 2017 Awards Banquet
  • recognition in ACTE’s promotional channels and Techniques magazine

Eligibility - The contest is open to secondary, college/postsecondary and adult CTE students in 3D-design courses or other CAD courses. Students may enter as individuals or as teams of no more than two people.

Deadline is May 1. Learn on how to enter at

Sharon Melton Myers Memorial

Through a donation from the Sharon Melton Myers Memorial Fund, SkillsUSA and the McMinn County Vocational Center SkillsUSA Alumni Association are offering a $500 scholarship to a graduating high-school senior SkillsUSA member in memory of Sharon Melton Myers. The Sharon Melton Myers Memorial SkillsUSA Scholarship fund provides SkillsUSA members the opportunity to continue their education in college or technical school. Candidates can nominate themselves.

All nominations must include two letters of recommendation from any of the following individuals:

  1. instructors
  2. SkillsUSA advisors
  3. State Association Director, or
  4. Community leader accompanied by a course transcript. Please note that incomplete applications, those missing requested information and appropriate signatures, will be disqualified and not be evaluated.

Nominations must be submitted by April 15 and can be made by applying here: