Be The Match Update

Hey Ya!

Can you believe that we've been back for almost a month?! Neither can I! We have come up with a whole bunch of cool ideas for fundraisers and events recently. There will be a document attached of all of the ideas we aim to do however we may not get to all of them (hopefully we can ☺)! There will be doodles for all events listed below.

And as always, suggestions and creative input is ALWAYS welcomed!

***Please email us if you are interested in an officer position***

Fundraiser Ideas


week of the 15th - Sell Krispy Kreme in the DSU all week and possibly hot chocolate


before finals - Water balloon professors

early April - colored water balloon fight- we could sell white tshirts/tickets to participate in


-Change wars for Match4Lara- check out the video below for more information. We would have jars in all of the residence halls and whichever hall raises most money gets to participate in a raffle to win a prize. The prize would come from a local business in return for advertisement on campus.

-Bake sale

#match4lara - A Search to Save Lives
"Finding a Match for Lara" - Animation by Match4lara team

Event Ideas


16th or 17th - Speaking event about our mission and purpose

18th - Relay for Life

21st - DSU breezeway cheek swab drive


-Cook off - people sign up to participate in a chili cook-off type event. Winning team wins prize from local businesses. Maybe a team would consist of three people.

We appreciate your ideas!

Complete this form for any ideas you may have!

Also, look at the plan for the year to get a better idea of what we are planning.

One Last Thing...

I don't know if any of you have heard of Love Your Melon or not but it is a great organization that sells beanies and caps. They give hats to children with cancer and provide support to them as well. CNU currently does not have a LYM campus crew (the closest one is about 20 miles away. In order to establish a crew here there needs to be a minimum of ten people in the crew (the max is 20 people). If you are interested shoot me an email at Thanks! Check out this video on LYM!
Love Your Melon Smile Tour

As always...

Dues are $5.00 and t-shirts are $10 if you haven't already purchased one!

Contact us

For any questions email us at

Have a great rest of the week!

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