Silent Talking

Sarah Lean Harper Collins 2012 pg.202

Character description

Sam is Cally's friend , he understands Cally even though she doesn't talk and other people don't understand her. Sam is blind and deaf so he doesn't talk either, they communicate by braille and tapping each other.Sam helps Cally go through the difficult times she is going through.Mrs. Cooper is Sam's mom, she helps cally find Homeless, Cally spends most of her time over at their house. Cally's dad is a main part of the reason she stopped talking.Jebb is an homeless man he helps Homeless find Cally and he cares for him.

Plot summary

Cally's mom dies in a car accident , her dad is really depressed and isn't the same with out her.Cally is at her moms funeral and believes she can see her mom, nobody believes her.There is a sponsored silence at school all day,Cally volunteered to be a sponsor nobody believes that she would be able to last the whole day, Cally is able to last the whole day. Cally and her family have to move she has't talked for a week even after the Sponsored silence. Cally's mad that her father won't talk about her mom,and acts like she never existed , it makes her even more mad knowing that her dad is selling the house they built together .Cally's neighbor in the apartments has a son, he is blind and partially deaf. At school Cally sees her mom with a dog , she thought dog wasn't real but then the dog ran away. Cally believes that with that dog her family will reunite, with the help of her Best Friend Sam.


The conflict is that Cally isn't talking ,so her dad doesn't know if something happened to her and if she's okay.Cally not talking causes her problems at school and with her family.Also Cally believes they should get the stray dog (homeless)but her dad doesn't agree ,Cally tries to find and take care of the dog anyway which is hard because Homeless isn't easy to find.

title explaination

I chose Silent Talking as my Title because even without talking people understand what she's saying. Cally is able to communicate with Sam through tapping and he knows what she's thinking. Cally is also able to communicate with her mom through her heart because Cally can feel her presence.Cally can also understand homeless even if he's not talking, she can understand him through his expressions . Callys dad communicates with her even though she isn't really answering he is just making his own answers.

Book review

I would give this book 4 stars because it would be more interesting if the would of put more adventure in the book. What I would've changed in the book is that it would have more adventure and a love interest because those are the types of book I like. Reading this book made me think of how life could change so fast. I would recommend this to people who love something sweet and heart warming .
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