Show What You Know!

By: Grayson Jennings

Differences between Criminal and Civil Law

Burden Of Proof

In Criminal court the defendant must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and the decision must be unanimous in one favor. In a Civil Court however, it is a majority rules case where the side that is more right than wrong is the winner of the case.

Parties Involved

In a Criminal Case it is the government which could be either federal, state or local, against an individual. In a Civil Case it deals with the rights and duties of private parties.

Losing Punishment

In a Criminal punishment if the defendant is found guilty then he or she is punished or put in prison. While if the defendant is found guilty in a Civil Case he or she must pay the damages which could be money or something else

Are there Flaws?

I actually do not believe so, I like the way the two court systems are set up. It makes sense that in a case which can put someone a way or lock them up, that there has to be a unanimous decision and that they have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Of course some might say well what about the people who do it and are found innocent, well thats not the systems fault that is the attorneys fault. As for the Civil Court I am less interested in that one, however i find it awful that someone who is 49.9% right would have to pay damages, i do feel as if the Civil Court should increase to 60 or even 75 right

Real Example: Rob Durst

In short Rob Durst is a man who allegedly killed his wife, his friend and his neighbor. All of the evidence points to guilty and If you don't believe me there is a documentary on HBO a about it called the Jinx. Furthermore he went to criminal court and was found not guilty of the murders due to the jury not being unanimous on the decision, this highlights the major difference in that Criminal Law he was found innocent.