The Weekly Knot

Issue 29: Think Different

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Education tutorial: Lesson planning with Common Curriculum |
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The Weekly Happenings

Monday March 16, 2015


Read Across America Celebration w/ Guest Readers

Tuesday March 17, 2015


Level-Up in the Media Center, 2:15 p.m.: EduSoft and Performance Matters

Remember to wear green

Tech Inventory w/ Ms. Bacote from 11-2

Wednesday March 18, 2015


Thursday March 19, 2015

PARCC make-ups

Common Planning w/ Common Curriculum in the Conference Room all day

Friday March 20, 2015

PARCC make-ups

Dance Field Trip to PG Dance Showcase at Suitland HS


3/24 Level up with Ms. Arax-Melnick on how to use the library system Destiny & Tools purchased by the county

5/30 Edcamp Level Up

Tech Inventory 3/17 Message

On 3/17/15 between the hours of 11:00am and 2:10pm per Mr. Reap's requests I will be coming into your classroom to perform an inventory on Smart board items. Please kindly have the items in a central location in order to expedite the process. Please also note that either the same day or an alternative day I will come back to test out if each device is working properly. I will try my best to do so during your planning times. Thank you for reading this message.

Smart board device " Look Fors "

  • remote
  • pens/eraser
  • the fob (looks like a flash drive)
  • mic

Please see picture below as a point of reference. Please have all items in a central location on 3/17/15 between 11am and 2:10pm.

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