By: Katlyn Sookhoo

About Guyana

Guyana is on the continent of South America .The capital city is Georgetown and the population is about 800,000.The neghboring countries are Venezuela and Brazil. Also, the national sport is Cricket, the type of music is Calypso and the common religions are Christianity and Hinduism. I will also add the national flower is the Victoria Amazonia.The language spoken is English.Finally the government is like the government here they are democratic and vote for their president.

Fun Facts About My Ansestors

One fun fact is my dad was 17 when he came to America and settled in New York .Another fact is some of my family started their own business. Also some of my family went back to school. Finally my family came during winter and it was thier first experience with snow.


Here are some of industries done in Guyana!


The currency used in Guyana Is the Guyanese dollar.
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The education is similar to ours but they are called something different . For instance preschool is the the same except you had to be 3 and one month old instead of just 3 . Also their Primary school is our elementary school . Guyana's secondary school is our high school and they also have a college called University of Guyana.


The most popular religions are Christianity and Hinduism .

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Guyana!