Southside Kindergarten Parent News

Month of May

Save the Date!

  • Tuesday, August 2nd: Brigance Screenings (watch for a postcard reminder)
  • Thursday, August 4th: Kindergarten Orientation at Southside (5:30PM-6:15PM)
  • Monday, August 8th: Southside Back to School Bash (6:00PM-7:00PM)
  • Wednesday, August 10th: First Day of School

Southside Stuff to Know: Shelby County Attendance Policy

At Southside we love to see all of our student's smiling faces each day that we are in school but sometimes our students have an appointment to attend or get sick. Here is what you need to know about attendance:

Elementary school hours are 7:40AM-2:25PM.

It is very important for your student to be at school and arrive on time every day. To ensure your student's attendance stay in good standing please follow these steps:

1. If you student arrives late, an adult (18 yrs or older) MUST bring the student to the office to sign in. If your student must leave early, they will ONLY be released to a parent/guardian or person listed as an emergency contact. Early dismissal also requires a signature in the office. Both students arriving late or students leaving early will be assigned a tardy on their attendance record.

2. If you student is absent, an excuse note must be received bu the school office within 5 days of their return to school. An excuse note MUST be a note from their doctor or a note from the parent/guardian. Each student has a limit of 7 Parent/Guardian notes per school year. If you visit the doctor, please remember to get a doctor's excuse note at the time of visit or have the office fax a note directly to the school office at 502-633-4462.

What About Celebrating Birthdays?

Southside Elementary loves to celebrate! We do not have birthday parties for individual students but we do have monthly classroom celebrations! In an effort to encourage healthy choices in our youth and conserve instructional time we celebrate birthdays together to ensure that all students birthdays are celebrated. The celebrations for the 2016-2017 school year will be held on the following Fridays:

*August 26th; September 30th; October 28th; November 18th; December 16th

January 27th; February 24th; March 24th; April 28th; May 26th

*June and July birthdays are celebrated with our August birthdays.

Below is a list of approved and encouraged birthday snacks should you choose to send in snacks for the monthly celebration:

Fruit Trays/Cups; Fruit; Applesauce pouches; Vegetable Trays; Vegetables; Pretzels; Goldfish; String Cheese; Cheese and Crackers; Cuties/Tangerines; Nut Free Trail Mix; Popcorn; Banana Chips; Yogurt; Bagels

Happy Celebrating!

Southside Out and About This Summer! Look for the Tents!

Watch for the Southside Tents around town this summer! We will be giving out goodies to all of the Southside students that come and see us. Watch for dates and locations coming soon!