Pine Hollow Middle School

Summer News: July 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

As announced last week, the MDUSD Board of Education and Governor Newsom indicated that we will start the school year in a Distance Learning mode. Although this is certainly disappointing for all of us, it is a reality that we must make the best of.

At Pine Hollow, our staff has been diligently preparing for all possible reopening scenarios since June. We have three teams made up of 16 staff members that have been meeting multiple times per week all summer to ensure that our school is ready to handle distance learning from day one.

These teams are looking at health data, reviewing stakeholder feedback, and familiarizing themselves with state, county and district guidelines for schools. They are tackling critical questions and issues around curriculum, instruction, scheduling, attendance, equity, testing, IEPs, 504s, and health. They are examining best practices for distance learning, and working to determine how we can best serve all of our students and families this year.

I realize that there are lots of questions right now, so I will be hosting a Principal / Parent Meeting on Tuesday, August 4th to discuss all the various issues we are dealing with. Please join us if you can, and check out the details of the meeting below.

Despite everything going on in our world right now, I hope you and your families are having a great summer. Please say hello to your child(ren) for me, and I look forward to seeing you all soon! All the best,

Ben Campopiano
Principal, Pine Hollow Middle School

Principal / Parent Meeting: August 4th

On Tuesday, August 4th, Mr. Campopiano will be holding a virtual Principal / Parent Meeting via Google Meet from 4:00-5:30pm. (The meeting can accommodate 250 families and will be recorded and posted for parents who cannot attend and want to view it later.)



  • 4:00 = Welcome
  • 4:10 = Latest School Opening Updates
  • 4:20 = Start of School Protocols (Proof of Residency, Immunizations, Schedules, Registration, Data Verification in HomeLink, etc.)
  • 4:35 = Distance Learning Plan (Daily Schedule, Attendance, Expectations, Platforms, Curriculum, Instruction, Protocols, etc)
  • 5:15 = Question and Answer
  • 5:30 = End

Parents' Club

As we prepare for a very unique school year ahead, we will need parent support more than ever. Please take just a few minutes to help support our PTSA by taking these steps right now:

Proof of Residency for Incoming 6th Graders

Incoming 6th Graders will need to provide proof of residency. Please click here to understand this process and prepare your materials.

Incoming 6th Graders Parent Facebook Group

Click here to join the incoming 6th Graders Parent Facebook Group. This group was started by parents and is designed for parent of 6th Graders at Pine Hollow.

6th Grade Supply List / Reading List

Although we are starting the year in a Distance Learning mode, the 6th Grade teachers wanted parents to be aware of the following supply and reading lists:

Immunizations for Incoming 7th Graders

Incoming 7th Graders will need to provide updated immunization records, even though we are starting the year in a Distance Learning format. Please click here for more information about immunizations so that you can take care of this over the summer.

Pine Hollow Amazon Wish List

Check out our Amazon Wish List... we need all sorts of things for the coming school year (even though we are starting with Distance Learning), and if you prefer to donate items instead of dollars, this is a great way to do it! Thank you so much for your support!

Recent Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will music classes, art, and other electives work during Distance Learning?

A. This is to be determined. Our Board of Education will be making decisions about schedules and classes in the coming days/weeks.

Q. Will Chromebooks and textbooks be distributed this fall?

A. Yes. We will announce plans for distribution soon.

Q. Will students have live instruction and a daily schedule during Distance Learning?

A. Yes. The exact details for these things are still a work in progress, but you can expect your child to have live instruction and interaction every day based on a consistent schedule.

Q. Will students receive grades?
A. Yes. The grading system will return to an A-F format.

Q. How will attendance work during Distance Learning?

A. This is still being worked out, but students will be expected to attend online classes and their attendance will be tracked.

Q. When will yearbooks be distributed?
A. Our yearbooks were delivered to us this week, so we will share out distribution plans soon.