Pikes Peak


Looking down the mountain

I was waiting for the tram to start moving I was so excited but nervous . Then I heard it “all aboard,”said the conductor.”I knew it was going to start moving and it did. On the way up you could see deer if you got lucky and see the beautiful sights at the top . The more you when up the colder it got . When we got to the top the sight was breathtaking . My mom was taking pictures ,my brother wearing a fedora was falling asleep because he was tired. My sister eating chips because she was hungry , she was trying not to eat to many because there was no restroom breaks till the top. My step dad looking out the window and getting really excited each minute.

The Falls

Next we started moving I was so excited we started seeing animals like deer or elk. Something caught my attention when the conductor said “There comes a fall that are called Minnehaha Falls, they are taller than Niagara Falls,” the conductor said. Now that is where I was really surprised because Niagara Falls are one of the tallest falls. But when I saw them I was thinking that must not be true then I heard that they were only taller than Niagara Falls because they were at a higher elevation. They were still pretty and beautiful but most of all I absolutely loved the name I just kept saying it Minnehaha. One thing that I did not like is that we had to keep stopping to let other trams pass.
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Next thing that happened is that it started getting cold and we had our window down I could feel the cool breeze down my back. See closed the window and we started seeing snow and it was so extraordinary site because it is not everyday that you see snow in the summer but of course we were at the top of a mountain. So when we started seeing snow that is when my headache started and it felt like my brain was going to slide of my head and I just didn’t want to get to the top anymore because I knew that my head would hurt more at the top. But I got the headache because we were such at a high altitude. I started to notice that there weren’t any trees anymore at the top which I found fascinating because there were a bunch of trees at the bottom. There was also lakes which I wonder if they were ice because of the cold weather.

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Finally it happened we were at the top of the mountain the words I wanted to hear from the conductor. We had a restroom break after that we started looking around the store me and my sister got some pajamas which have a bear on it and it is hugging you. My mom got souvenirs for my family and my step dad and brother got sweaters to keep them warm. We went outside to see the view and take some pictures the view was breathtaking you could see all the way to Kansas which was pretty awesome. I felt like I was a bird seeing beautiful sights for the first time.We could see all Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs and it look like a small village from the top which was pretty cool to see it that small because it makes it you feel like you're a giant.

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Gross Donuts

In the end were leaving but then we told my mom that we were hungry. “Do you guys want some donuts so you won’t be that hungry,” my mom asked.We eat some warm and soft donuts. I didn’t really like them because of their texture and the way the donut tasted but they were okay since I had not ate any food since the chips or breakfast. I got a worse headache at the top so I fell asleep most of the way down the mountain which helped my headache calm down a little bit. Overall I think it was a fun experience because I have never been to the top of a mountain. Despite of the experience I am still afraid of heights but not as much as I use to be. Either way I still get headache a very high heights especially if we are going around big hills, which is something I have not overcome.

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The Top of Pikes Peak in HD