VCR E Lesson 3

Clare Broud

Which word best fits the sentence?

I was able to see the script from a deleted scene on the first season of The Office in NBC's (fill in the blank) .
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n. the collected records of an organization, institution, or public person. (Archives can also refer to the place in which such records are stored.)

Other forms

Archival adj.

Archivist n.


Arkhein- to begin, to be first

Archives usually go back to the origins or beginnings of organizations or institutions, so remembering the meaning "to begin" can help with remembering the meaning of archive.

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More Info

  • Archives are not just limited to pictures and documents stored collectively in a library. The earliest archives were made on clay tablets by ancient societies. In the past, other societies did not have access to written records, so they used things such as textiles and figurines to keep records. Today, many archives are exclusively on the internet, containing digital audio and media files.
Armchair Archivist - A Look Into "One Man's Dream"

Which sentence is incorrect?

1. As an archivist, she is always in the library researching old primary sources.

2. In order to find old newspaper articles for my project, I had to search the online archives of the Charlotte observer.

3. Even though there were no pink shoes on display, I was still able to buy a pair after the store manager found a pair in their archive.

4. Not many people get to see the archives of the museum because it contains rare, ancient artifacts that can be damaged easily.

Sentence 3 is incorrect

The word archive does not fit in this sentence, because an archive is a collection of records and other items from the past, while sentence three is talking about what is currently in the stock room.