The Tea Act of 1773

By: Lukas Mulvey and Anna Mclellan

Explanation of the Tea Act

This act was to make those ungrateful Colonists pay money for Tea from Britain. This was specifically to target the 13 colonies and then sell the Tea on nearby markets. This act was also to prop up the East India company which was in debt of 18 million pounds of unsold Tea. Soon the colonists found out that these ships came from Britain and was for the Taxes from the war. So they turned our ships back to britain. They soon had a lot of tea on there shore from throwing it into the ocean. That's just a little crazy.

When we did this act and Why?

We did this act in 1773 to help the East India Company come behind from debt and make the colonists pay taxes when they buy tea. King George signed a paper with this company and tryed to get monopolies for this companie. We all thought that the colonist would be stupid to buy inexpensive tea but we were wrong and they flipped our mindsets because now we won't get our money!

If it's Tea, it is Cheap!

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