Superintendent Bahr Newsletter

September 2020

Welcome to the 20-21 School Year!

Dear Eatonville Staff, Families and Community Members,

Welcome Back to School 2020-2021. With a summer vacation filled with family, and much time at home and in the woods, it is a joy to be home in the Northwest and Eatonville School District. As we have time in the summer to reflect on the previous school year and to plan and anticipate the new school year, I find myself wanting to discuss the successes with our community and setting the stage for the year to come.

Let me begin by saying that I am extremely proud to be the leader of Eatonville Schools, and consider it a privilege and a responsibility. The task of leading at such a time filled with uncertainty, unknowns and at times fearful messages has been a challenge for all of us during the spring of 2020. As we are a staff of 120 teachers and 100 plus PSE members, a student body of 1950 curious and growing children, providing guidance and voice to political leaders in the state, and maintaining a strong fiscal position remains a job that keeps me quite aware of the awesome leadership role I serve.

This year we have added the Pandemic which has changed the way the world responds, reacts and must function in order to keep people safe and healthy. As this is my eighth year as your Superintendent, I remain steadfast in my responsibility and position seriously as I know that Eatonville School District is a superior school district in academics and opportunities for children of all ages and has safety and wellness as our top priority.

The state has provided guidance (OSPI Guidance) to school districts about how to safely reopen schools in the fall. This has changed over time and we anticipate that it will change again as the fall progresses.

This year, our central theme for the year is:

Eatonville Strong: Strong Schools = Strong Community The next 100 years: To the Top: Working for all Students 2020-2021 with Resiliency, Partnerships, and Relationships.

We will be focused on meeting the needs of your child. We welcome your children back with excitement and a sense of purpose.

Eatonville schools have long had a tradition of excellence, caring, and innovation. You see this belief reflected in the school buildings, on the walls, online and at every well attended school event. We value the community and nurture each child to become an active, knowledgeable and caring young adult ready for the future with 21st Century skills. This year will feel a bit different but we are here to respond to your needs and to navigate this uncertain time.

Join us this year as we open our schools with a renewed commitment to excellence on September 2nd!

Together we commit to inspiring lifelong learners to create a better future!

Eatonville Strong 2020-2021!


Krestin Bahr, Superintendent

New Safety Measures

Click below to read the e-newsletter from our Mental Health team.

Distance Learning Schedules

School site specific schedules.

EHS Graduation 2020

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Eatonville Stages of Opening and Instruction

To view Stage 1 to Stage 6 - click the button (or visit:

Door Dash Supply Check Out

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Did You Know?

Over the last few years, we have implemented several important initiatives and programs:

• All Day Kindergarten for all

• Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at All Schools

• GREEN Schools at all elementaries

• OSPI STEM Schools K-8

• Enhanced Career and Tech (Career Technology Education) offerings in the High School

• Approved 4 year Levy for Maintenance and Operations (Thank you so much, Voters!)

Grab & Go Meals

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Teacher Retreat Training Days

Additional Supports for Students 20/21

· As this new school year begins, we have been working diligently to provide additional supports and opportunities for children. We want students back in the classroom, but we know we are compelled at this time to use remote learning We will continue to work with families and communities to ensure an equitable approach and respond to students’ needs. We’ve learned a lot about how to deliver remote learning well, and we’ll continue to adjust and improve over time.

· Nobody expects parents to take on the role of a classroom teacher. When we use remote learning, our teachers are still the skilled educators they have always been, and we are supporting them in bringing their skills online.

· All students have access to a device. This has been a priority this year.

· We know there are gaps in equitable access to technology. We have made some progress and our goal is to have every student connected.

· We will keep you updated as planning moves forward. Efforts will be ongoing throughout the fall and our strategies may be adjusted and refined as we move through the school year. Clear and transparent decision-making is a priority for us, and we will provide regular updates to make sure you have the latest information.

September Start Dates

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District Calendar 2020/2021

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Tips for a Successful Start to School

Below are some helpful tips from leading researchers to ensure a positive beginning of school:

1. Make a remote or in person (such as Door Dash) classroom visit before school starts and meet with the teacher if possible. If your school has a school event, consider attending as a family.

2. Help your child find his routine and walk through what a daily remote room change will be for your child.

3. Get children of all ages into a school sleep schedule with the same bedtime every night.

4. Establish or re-establish a routine for bathing, breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc.

5. Parents also need to get back into the school routine state of mind even with remote learning.

6. Find a designated place in the home for school items and devices.

7. Realize a child being nervous about school is normal.

8. Read school readiness books to young children in preparation for school. Some good examples are “Berenstain Bears Go Back to School,” “Maisy Goes to School,” “The Kissing Hand” and “Llama, Llama Misses Mama.”

9. Keep a positive perspective about school and encourage the child.

10. Remind children that they will get to see their friends again, even if they are not in the same classroom and that we will work through these changes together.

11. Realize that changes in teachers, classrooms, schools or school districts can also create a big adjustment for the students.

12. Let the teacher and school officials know if the child has any special needs, such as medication that needs to be administered by the nurse, or check-ins with the guidance counselor.

13. Notify the teacher of any major life changes that occurred during the summer, such as divorce or a death in the family.

14. Watch for a few stomach aches or headaches in the first week, which is normal. If it continues, consult a professional to find the source of the problem — it may be anxiety or a medical condition.

15. Build bridges to communicate with teachers through phone calls or email. Email is a quick way to give an update regarding any issue. Also check your Skyward accounts.

16. Develop a central calendar for all school-related activities, late starts, early closings and any change in school events.

17. Start a fun new school tradition, such as having a special breakfast for the first day, taking a yearly photo or send a surprise to their new teacher.

1:1 Device Check Out

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Internet Access Support

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8/26 School Board Meeting Discussion with Dr. Anthony Chen-Pierce County Health Department

You may listen to the discussion by clicking the YouTube video link below.

Thank you for your time, Dr. Chen.

Eatonville School District Board Meeting 8/26/20
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NEW Elementary Virtual Academy

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We Miss our Students and Families

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Welcome, New Hires

WES New Hires

  • Mr. Nylander
  • Ms. Brand
  • Ms. Southworth
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EES New Hires

  • Mrs. Ames
  • Mrs. Stinson-Diess
  • Mrs. Tonkinson
  • Ms. Golden
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CCA Rehire

  • Mrs. Dattilo
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EMS New Hires

  • Mr. Leipold
  • Mrs. Waugh-Reimer
  • Mr. Shyles
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EHS New Hires

  • Mrs. Thomas
  • Mr. Boyd
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Health and Safety

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Covid-19 Return to School Flowchart

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Immunizations at No Cost

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P-EBT Applications Due: 9/11/20

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