Stuff About Croatia

By Kelly


Official Name: Republic of Croatia

Date Joined European Union: July 1st, 2013 (Not one of the founders of the European Union)

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Capital: Zagreb

Major Cities: Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar

Currency: Croatian Kuna


The flag was adopted on December 21st, 1990. The red stands for the blood of the Croatian Matyrs, the white stands for their peaceful nature, and blue stands for their devotion to God. At the center, their coat of arms, the checkerboard has been the symbol of Croatian kings since about the tenth century and the five crowning coats represent the different historical regions within Croatia. The red, white, and blue has been used since 1848.
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People who visit Croatia usually come for its natural and cultural attractions. Some interesting attractions to visit are Diocletian's Palace because it was once owned by a Roman emperor, the Pula Arena because it was the sixth largest surviving Roman arena, and Plitvice Lakes which is known as a beautiful place in Europe.

Interesting Facts

1. They invented the neck tie

2. Nikola Telsa was born there

3. Their language does not need vowels in their words


Croatia was once a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918 where they (the Croats), the Serbs, and Slovenes created a kingdom called Yugoslavia after 1929. Croatia gained its independence from Yugoslavia on June 25th, 1991 after four years of fighting.
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Croatia is surrounded by Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in Southeastern Europe and borders the Adriatic Sea. It has flat plains, low mountains and highlands.
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