SFE/NW Food Service Updates

December 2020

Christmas Lunch Information

When: December 17, 2020

More information including menu and pick up information for virtual students to come.

Meal Kits - MUST BE RESERVED- Pick up dates for December

Remote Learning Meal Kits will be available for all students who are learning virtually at NWCS.

Meal kits will include 5 breakfast and lunch meals for students.

If you do not wish to receive the full 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches for the week, please let us know at pick up and we will make adjustments to your kits.

If you have questions on this program, please email shayna.casey@nwschools.org

November 30, 2020

Where- Northwest High School - Front Office Entrance

When- 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

December 7, 2020

Where- Northwest High School - Front Office Entrance

When- 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Meal Kit Reservation Form


Thanksgiving Meal Delivery

The SFE/NW Food Service prepared and delivered over 1500 Thanksgiving meals to students! Thank you SFE/NW Food Service staff!!!

NW/SFE Announcement - Menu Change

In the past, SFE has utilized Sunbutter, an alternative to peanut butter, as an ingredient in our meals. COVID-19 has created a national shortage of Sunbutter, therefore, at this time SFE will only be offering peanut butter to students. If there is a student who has a nut allergy that is reported to NW, these students will be offered an alternative meal that will be compliant with their dietary restrictions. If there is a meal that consists of peanut butter, it will be noted on the lunch menu for that day.

If your student has an allergy, please ensure that this information is documented with their building office. Once this information is received by NW, a copy of the plan is given to SFE staff to start the process to address the dietary needs of the student. If the student is in one of our Elementary classrooms, the entire classroom will be labeled as “Nut Free,” and the classroom is provided with an alternative meal that corresponds with the proper dietary restrictions. The lunches for these identified classrooms are prepared in a different location in the kitchen to prevent cross contamination and then delivered to the classroom for the teacher to hand out.

At the middle school and high school levels, alternative meals are also provided to those students who have documented allergies. The students within these buildings will need to ask a foodservice staff member for a substitution for that daily meal, informing the foodservice staff member of their nutritional limitations.

SFE staff is trained on the appropriate substitution as well as other precautions such as cross contact and signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction.

NW and SFE take allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously and will continue to work together to ensure the health and safety of our students.