The Science Shakedown

Mrs. Falsone

Setting Up the Science Classroom

The students have done a GREAT job settling into 6th grade. We have setup Google Classroom; a place where students can see assignments, work collaboratively with their classmates/teacher, and much more. This is a new endeavor and we are all excited to see the number of ways we can incorporate this technology within the classroom.

Students have created Answer Pad accounts. This is a place where they can input answers to an assessment and once submitted get instant results.

Click students then I already have an account

Group ID: Science Period ____(fill in the class period that you have science with a 1, 2, 5, or 6)

User Name: first.last name

Password: student lunch code minus the initial 0

Students have also been given access to Science World magazine. They now have the ability to access this magazine digitally.

Click sign-in and then student

Password: rj2022