The Delian League

The Rise and Fall of Athenian Power

How They Stole Your Money

In order to fight the mighty Persains, Delian League officials (which were Athenains), were in charge of supporting the funding for war. This included all city-states of Greece contributing money to the war. The Delian League officials would also charge taxes that would go to Athens. Sparta, finally recongnized that Athens would soon become much more wealthy, from the taxes, than all of the other city-states. These results forced Sparta to turn its back on Athens, leaving them to theirselves to fund war. Altogether, this displays its importance to Athenian, Greek, and Spartan history because this was a keystone cause of the Peloponnesian War.

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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, once a young student taught by Aristotle, a famous philosopher. Alexander the Great was from Macedonia, which is important because Aristotle loved Greece. Therefore, all the time he spent with Alexander, he began to share a love for Greece as well. Alexander began to understand Greek culture, history, and theories. This love for Greece that Alexander shared with Aristotle became so strong, it came to a point where Alexander had decided to finally conquer Greece. Alexander went to war, aiming to capture the historic land. He won, and the land of Greece was his. He loved to fight, and had never lost a battle. Unfortunately, to conclude, Alexander died at the age of 33.