The Maze Runner

James Dashner

Setting,minor characters, and major character

The setting of the book Maze Runner is a huge place called the Glade. It is surrounded by a huge stone maze. The minor characters are people like Frypan, Ben, and Winston. The major characters are Minho, Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Alby, Gally, and Chuck but he's not as big as the other ones.



In the book Maze Runner, there is this place called the Glade. For a long time boys have been sent in a box to this place every month. They couldn't remember anything except their name, but everything starts changing when this guy named Thomas shows up. After 3 days something was coming up in the box. When it arrived there was a girl in the box. She was the first girl ever. She had a note in her hand that said "She's the last one ever." She was in coma. When she woke up all she could talk about was Thomas. Thomas and Teresa were special. They could talk in each others minds.

One day these guys named Runners were on their way back to the Glade from inside the maze when the doors started closing. Thomas ran into the maze to help but the one thing that he didn't know was that no one has ever survived a night in the maze with the grievers. Thomas helped them because one of them named Alby was stung by a griever. Thomas, Minho, and Alby got through the night and when the doors opened the next morning they got out. They were the first people to survive a night in the maze. They made Thomas an official Runner. So one day when they were out in the maze they found this thing called the Griever Hole. They found a code hidden in the maze, which unlocked the exit to the maze.

One day night the doors didn't close. The Grievers were taking one person every night so Thomas decided that it was time to go to the griever hole and type in the code. They went and made it but when they got to the room with the Creators Gally was there and he shot Chuck and he died. Then some guys came in and rescued them and took them to this place where they could live.