By: Shreya Sunkari


Marijuana comes from a plant called cannabis. Marijuana decreases your brain power, makes you sleepy, have an appetite, breathing problems, lung cancer, and lack of motivation. This drug is both stimulant and depressant and illegal. About 20.5 million people use Marijuana and about 50,000 people die from it every year!


Rohypnol is a stimulant drug that comes usually in the form of a pill. Once you take Rohypnol you are likely to get amnesia, pass out, and lose self-control. Rohypnol is an illegal drug. It is widely available in Europe, Columbia, and Mexico but is not sold in the US.


  1. Heroin is processed from morphine and is a depressant drug. Heroin makes you have a dry mouth, collapsed veins, liver disease, and flushing of skin. Heroin is an illegal drug. Kids about 12-17 yrs old use Heroin. In 2011 about 669,000 Americans used the drug.


Cocaine+crack makes you sleepy, reduces hunger, makes you alert, and makes you have violent behavior. Its a stimulant drug that comes from the leaves of the coca plant. This drug is illegal. In 2004 467,000 people used Cocaine+crack and 154 deaths from it.