Teacher of Promise Award

Kristy Butler- Forest Hills Central High School

Michigan Science Teacher Association- 2014 Award Winner

On March 7, 2014, Kristy Butler, Forest Hills Central teacher, was honored by the Michigan Science Teachers Association as the 2014 Teacher of Promise.

Although Kristy has only been teaching for just three years, she has influenced many educators all over the state of Michigan, Kent County, as well as, within Forest Hills Public Schools.

At the ceremony, Mary Jordan McMaster (MSTA) started off my sharing what the Teacher of Promise award was all about. “Dictionary.com defines the term promise as ‘an indication of future excellence or achievement’. Our Teacher of Promise for 2014 is more than a promise of excellence, she is already having great successes in the field of science education. The “promise” is that she will continue to learn and grow. That she will continue to strive for excellence and to be a champion of science education throughout her entire teaching career.”

Kristy is the co-chair of the Forest Hills STEM Advisory Committee, Science Olympiad Coach and the science department chair. Kristy is an exemplar model teacher in Kent County. She is currently collaborating with a Kent ISD STEM consultant, Ebiri Nkugba, to create a project that builds off a local invasive species issue and has students developing ways to mitigate the issue. All the projects will be assessed by local experts.

As we look to the future of education, collaboration and sharing is key. Kristy is a model of this. Whenever given the opportunity, she openly shares with other educators across the state.

When commenting on Kristy’s influence, fellow teacher Patricia Richardson, states “Kristy is the best new teacher I have ever encountered in my eighteen years of teaching. If I had to choose three word to describe her, they would be driven, leader, and innovative. She has had a huge impact on my own teaching. I have been pushed to change some of the things I have always done and to step out of my comfort zone to improve myself. She gives me the courage to do the things I know are right for kids and for learning even if it is not what everyone else is doing. I have loved having her to bounce ideas off of to work with in creating new lessons.”

Congratulations Kristy!