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March Issue: West Point Consolidated School District

Dear Parents and Guardians,

WOW, Spring Break is almost here! This is a great time to relax and enjoy some quality time with your child/children. In the March edition, we have provided you with some fun learning activities such as celebrating National Reading Month and taking Interactive Virtual tours. These fun activities can help keep your child engaged during Spring Break.

We've also provided you with important information on how to be more secure online. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's school.

Thank you!


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Celebrate National Reading Month!

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Click the picture below to listen to Live Authors Read Aloud Fun Books

National Reading Month

Click on the picture to find ways to celebrate National Reading Month at home.


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Growing a Love for Reading

Read to them. As kids are growing up, make reading aloud part of your daily routine. Kids will make positive associations with reading and spending time with family.

Keep books in the house. Kids who grow up in homes with lots of books read more. If your family has an ereader, keep it stocked with new books. You can even check out ebooks from the library.

Set aside time daily for your kids to read. Prioritizing reading by making time for it, even as kids get older, has a huge impact.

Read! Parents who read more have kids who read more. Don't save your reading time for after your kids are in bed. Read in front of them, and make going to the library a routine for you and your kids.

Growing Reading Comprehension


With this strategy, students will READ small chunks of text, STOP to monitor their understanding, and then THINK within, about, or beyond the text. Many comprehension skills can be applied at these stopping points, and you can do this with both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Click the button to find family fun Spring Break Activities.

Literacy Apps

Click here to find an educational reading app for your child.

Best Virtual Tours Around the World

Click here to find more interactive virtual tours

West Point Consolidated Schools Cyber Safety Hub

Click below on the picture to get started keeping your kids safe online.

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March Tips: Tips Will be Updated Weekly

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MDE Digital Resources

PAPER for Parents/Guardians

Get reliable learning support whenever your child needs it. Click on the picture to learn how!

Imagine Math Family Hub

Imagine Learning is introducing Imagine Family Math to families who need additional math resources, activities, and instructional videos to support at home learning. Click on the picture to find out more.

Common Sense Media for Parents

How Can I Get My Kids to Put Down Their Phones?

How Can I Get My Kids to Put Down Their Phones? Click here to read how to encourage your child to put their phones away during certain times of the day.

Oversharing: Think Before You Post

Oversharing: Think Before You Post

Media Balance Is Important

WPCSD PRE-K & Kindergarten Registration

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Fifth Street Sneaker Masquerade Ball

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WPCSD Spring Break

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PTA Programs Throughout the Year:

MDE: Parent Resources

Click here to see the resources for parents from the Mississippi Department of Education.

Supporting Your Child's Reading at Home

Click here to learn ways to support your child's reading at home.

MDE Learning at Home: Planting Flowers

MDE learning at home lesson: Planting Flowers

MDE: Building Strong Readers PPT

WPCSD: Family Resource Center

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