Red Eared Slider

Help me find the lost turtle

common name: T. scripta

Scientific name: T. s. elegans

It is an Animal living on land which makes it a Terrestrial Pest

Description: head is greenish- gray with a red patch behind each eye and yellowish white line across the head. carapace (upper shell) is smooth, slightly domed and greenish- gray to brown in color with weak serrate edges on the rear marginals. Legs are greenish gray to black in color with yellow to white colored lines,

Found in Eastern United States

Where do these crimes occur?

The crimes occur mostly in Santa Rosa, California... The Sonoma county

The spreading of salmonella occurred by the selling of hatch-ling turtles in the U.S was enacted back in 1975,which was widely available back then.

The red eared slider got to the United States by having it as a pet. It is the most commonly traded- turtle in the world.

The way its population is controlled.

The way of the red eared slider population is controlled by short of poisoning whole lakes, through hunting, trapping, and collecting eggs and hatchlings. Another way is to capture sterilization release.

By: Andy Galarza, Keyanna Charles, and Andy Sanchenelli